Canaries, VULCANO VIEJA LAVA swallows homes. The video is awesome

Meteo Chronicle Live: Canaries, lava of Vulsano Vijaya invades homes. The video is awesome

The eruption of a volcano From Cumbre Vieja to La Palma, One of the islands that make up the Spanish Canary Islands, already exists Hundreds of houses were destroyed, Destroyed by lava flowing to the coast, and buried several roads and a school. The current, which has already reached 1,100 degrees Celsius, is descending to the coast at a speed of 700 meters per hour through its western slope.

At the same time, the Canary Institute of Volcanology explained that, although it is still difficult to answer the question of how long the eruption will last, based on the length of past events, it is possible to infer from each other. 24, 84 days. According to Copernicus data quoted by El Pais, in some places the flow reached a height of more than 10 meters. Volcanologist David Calvo told Spanish Public Television TV that the volcano was nearby.Awesome explosions“From”Lava bubbles“This one”Rain of ashes“.

Local media reported that firefighters were making intense efforts to make a ditch in the ground, thus preventing volcanic material from completely blocking the city center. Todok, There are about 1,300 residents, all of whom have already been evacuated.
They were on the island About 6,000 people were evacuated, Including hundreds of tourists.

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