Canaries: Dogs surrounded by lava mysteriously disappear from Cumberland Vijay

Canaries: Dogs surrounded by lava mysteriously disappear from Cumberland Vijay

The case attracts Spain. Four dogs have mysteriously disappeared after being found floating in lava on the island of La Palma.

In the pictures that have been circulating on the internet for a few days, we could see these Dogs Exhausted, he was trapped in a kind of lava wall formed by the Cumbre Viza volcano near the town of Todok.

Concerned about the fate of these dogs, residents of La Palma Island and the Canary Islands and other regions began a plea for help. With the support of animal rights associations, the company Aerocomus responded favorably, after taking advantage of the authorities’ agreement to exterminate the dogs with a large drone weighing 50 kilograms.

Yet last Thursday, when the company sent a drone into the area, the dogs were nowhere to be seen. This Friday, the company decided to stop its rescue operations.

She said on her Twitter account that “after conducting intelligence missions covering the entire security perimeter where the dogs are located, she can confirm that her drones have not found any trace of the animal”.

Amazing rescue operation

A mysterious disappearance that coincided with “signs of people entering the restricted area” that Aerocommaras noticed last Thursday.

A video that appeared on the Internet seems to witness a miraculous rescue operation worthy of television.

If it remains anonymous, it reveals aerial images of the empty surroundings, where a white tarpaulin stretches over a low wall, bearing the inscription: “Courage La Palma. Dogs work well.”

For many, this is an activity led by animal rights activists. According to the Animal Welfare Association, Leales.orgIn early October, one of the owner’s (s) relatives, who was responsible for reporting these lonely and hungry dogs, reportedly cared for them.

However, police and local authorities have not confirmed this information.

As part of that, decided to open one Online Donation Fund To save these four dogs, which cost more than 15,000 euros.

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