Canadians were exempted from simplification in the GB.

Canadians were exempted from simplification in the GB.

OTTAWA – Canadians who have been fully vaccinated have been exempted from the new conveniences of self-defense when they arrive in England and Scotland on Monday for U.S. and European travelers.

The English and Scottish governments announced on Wednesday that vaccinated travelers from the United States and Europe would not need a self-imposed ban for 10 days. These changes will take effect on the night of August 2nd.

Neither government has given reasons for exempting Canada from these concessions. Meanwhile, Wales and Northern Ireland, two other countries in the UK, have not relaxed existing laws.

European countries benefiting from the exemptions from England and Scotland include EU member states other than France, members of the European Free Trade Agreement and the micro-states of Andorra, Monaco and the Vatican.

The British High Commission in Canada said in a statement that London was taking a gradual approach to easing travel restrictions related to COVID-19. “Ensuring safe and open travel is a priority and we engage with international partners in certification to ensure that vaccinated persons’ travel is not disrupted in the future,” the High Commission said.

The new measures are aimed at helping family members visit each other as well as boost trade, said UK Transport Secretary Grant Shops. Shopice said his government would continue to use the latest scientific evidence.

“But thanks to our flagship national immunization program, we are able to rebuild key Atlantic maritime routes with the United States while strengthening ties with our European neighbors.”

Scottish Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said in a statement that the changes were due to the success of vaccination programs in Scotland, the European Union and the United States.

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In addition to ensuring health care for the general public, fully vaccinated travelers will be able to travel to Scotland as part of these important steps for international travel, boosting the tourism sector and the economy in general, ”he explained.

England and Scotland have made it clear that shipbuilding laws apply to any passenger who arrives in France within the last 10 days. Scotland cited concerns about the spread of the beta variant.

When asked in Vancouver on Wednesday, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Christiaan Freeland said he respects these decisions. “During the Kovid Pandemic, I have great respect for the sovereignty of each country to decide which country to enter and under what circumstances.”

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