Canada will put up a strong hockey team to help it win the winter games

It may not have a strong hockey team but best betting sites in Malaysia offer hockey as one of the most popular betting sports on the platforms. Malaysia has fielded its hockey team in several international and regional tournaments but they have not performed well in most of the occasion. Perhaps they can learn from Canada, a team that performs well at the regional as well as international arena. For those who may want to learn more about hockey in Canada, they can benefit from Kate Richardson’s (You can view her profile here) analysis as well as click here for additional insights.

IIHF Squad

With the naming of the 25 man squad which represented Canada in the IIHF World Championship which was held between May 21 and June 6, 2021, in Latvia, Canada was forming a strong side that would see the country emerge as the champions. The win gives the Canadian national hockey team great motivation as they look forward to other upcoming major international events. Apart from the 2022 IIHF world Championship slated for May with Finland hosting the event, Canada will be fielding a team for the Beijing Winter Olympics.


It is predicted that the country’s team may once again shock the world as they increase their titles despite presenting the oldest team. The Olympic Team at Pyeongchang in 2018 was the oldest among the participating countries but they performed fairly well. The 2022 winter games may see the country fielding a similar side especially if the NHL players will be participating in the tournament. It is not yet clear if the players will be participating but there are some ongoing negotiations and a decision will be made soon. There is some Good news for the Canadian team as an extension which was signed sometime last year may allow the NHL players to take part in 2022 and 2026 tournaments giving the team a head start in both competitions.

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With the games only being one year away, Canada hopes to put a formidable team, one that will reclaim its glory after the 2019 defeat as well as a side that has a great future now that several tournaments are lined up for 2022 and beyond. Let’s delve into Canada’s rooster and get some insights into how it looks like.


With the next Winter Games a year away, what might Canada’s roster look like? Let’s dive in

Jon Cooper, the head coach

Mike Babcock propelled the team to great heights in 2010 and 2014 where they won gold medals; however, he was fired for his failure to get the best out of a star-studded team. It is expected that he may be back by February next year but for now, Jon Cooper is firmly on the hot seat. His long tenure at the NHL gives him an advantage and he is also known to be an adept manager especially when it comes to the handling of superstars. If he will be the one to take the team to the winter competition, it is expected that he will put his best in terms of preparations as well as a spirited fight toward proving to the world that Canada has no rival when it comes to this game.


Forward department

It should not surprise any hockey fan that Canada will be putting a lethal forward for the championship. The country has a strong side with names such as Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Hurberdeau, Brad Marchard, Mitch Marner, Steven Stamkos, Brayden Point, Patrice Bergeron, Mark Stone, John Tavares, and Nathan Macknnon being mentioned. The star-studded forward line-up is already sending shivers among the rivals, with several coaches being on the record that the team will be coming in as the favorites but quickly adding that they are equally strong to shake the champions.

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While the blue unit that the Canadian team is presenting for the winter games may not be as physically imposing as some which have won several major titles for the country, it is equally a hard nut to crack for many sides. The six defenders include;

  • Thomas Chabot,
  • Morgan Rielly,
  • Shea Theodore,
  • CaleMakar,
  • Dougie Hamilton and
  • Alex Pietrangelo


These are players who will get more recognition for the spirited game they will exhibit at the winter games given that they have been performing equally well in the recent competitions. Defenders such as Chabot are known for their workhorses, their ability to pair, and perfectly facing their opponents head-on. Rielly and Makar are known for their swift pairing with each playing pretty well at quarterback. Makar is already a dominant player at top competition, it is expected that one year to the game, he will have emerged a highly recognizable defense that any team would want to have.



Currently, the Canadian team has most of the established goalies being in their 30s; however, there are hopes as the next generation of top goaltenders is very promising. Already the Philadelphia Flyers’ future goaltenders are destined for big things, he has shown great prowess and he is bound to stardom given the impressive saves that he has made in the recent past. It is expected that the winter games will see relatively young goaltenders, players who have shown impressive results. This is bound to happen as the coach would not risk putting veterans for such a crucial tournament as they seek to prove their dominance in the game.

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If nothing changes in terms of injuries and also players’ performance is maintained, this is the line-up that Canada will be presenting for the winter games come 2022. It is a strong side, one that gives high hope to the Canadian. For the betting enthusiasts, this is a team to watch closely, they are a good bet.




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