Canada: Stunning photos of cold snap frozen Niagara Falls

Canada: Stunning photos of cold snap frozen Niagara Falls

Due to the current cold snap in North America, Niagara Falls, located on the border of the United States and Canada, has partially frozen in recent days. This phenomenon is not uncommon, but always amazes tourists.

Although the average flow of water is more than 2,800 cubic meters per second, Niagara Falls Reportedly affected by the cold wave that is currently crossing the United States The world. While the latter wreaks havoc in some areas, such as Texas, where many homes lose power, it also allows tourists to visit the famous site to think about the magical landscape.

The beautiful side of the hard chill that holds the USA and Canada together


– BBC Weather (bbcweather) February 22, 2021

Record 1848

Niagara Falls, located on the border between Canada and New York State, consists of three waterfalls: American Falls (Horseshoe Falls), and Bridal Veil (Bridal Veil Falls). In recent days, these have been partially frozen, for example as in 2019.

Climate influences on these waterfalls are not uncommon: temperatures can be as close as 5 degrees Celsius. In this area, the common cold is almost common. But Niagara Falls froze only once in recent history, in 1848.

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