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Canada: Heat to 49.5 degrees Celsius, dozens of deaths in Vancouver, North America

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49.5 degrees for third day in a row: Canada set a record high yesterday More than 200 sudden deaths have been reported in the area during a heat wave in the northeastern village of Leighton, Vancouver.

“At 4:20 pm, the Lyton station broke historic daily temperature records again,” tweeted the Environment and Climate Change Canada (XC), a Canadian government agency responsible for coordinating environmental policies and events. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and Vancouver City Police have separately announced that 134 people have been killed since Friday in a metropolitan area off the Canadian Pacific coast. United States.

Frightened fire alarm activates first explosion in the country: Residents of the Canadian city of Lytton have been forced to evacuate following the blaze, which recorded the highest temperature in the country’s history (49.6 C) in recent days. The BBC reports it. The fire spread in just 15 minutes and many were forced to leave the house without taking anything with them. “The whole city is on fire,” Mayor John Polderman told CBC News. Strong winds and up to 71 km of hot and dry weather made the situation worse. Shelters have diverted residents to nearby communities, while the British Columbia Wildfire Service is moving men and vehicles to the site. A record heat wave in British Columbia this week has killed at least 486 people in just five days

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