Can you sleep in bed with your dog?

Can you sleep in bed with your dog?

Anyone with a dog knows that these beautiful creatures are capable of giving us unconditional and boundless love. We see for the first time that they are small and unprotected, and we grow these wards of fur and tenderness that seem to live only for us. Although we know that our adult dog will weigh more than 30 kilograms at a time, we often decide to allow him to sleep with us. But can you sleep in bed with your dog? Let us find out the pros and cons together.

Disadvantages of sleeping with a dog

Let’s start with the painful notes first, i.e. the negative aspects. Clearly, cleanliness is a priority. While it is not difficult for owners who keep dogs at home to control these details, it can be more complicated for those who are used to keeping them outside. So we often wash our friends’ hair to avoid flies, ticks and diseases. Obviously we care about any of our allergies.

Sleeping with a dog is good for us and does not make our sleep worse. So, if our dog is particularly agitated, it can wake us up all night, which will reduce the quality of our sleep.

Pay special attention to the range, especially for those with large dogs. Remember that the dogs are down Wolves, Pack leader sleeps more in packs. Allowing him to sleep with us strengthens our belief that he is the Alpha and reduces our self-esteem.

Finally, another danger is to increase the aggression of our dogs. In fact, too much attachment makes our friends overprotect us. The dog may want to keep other family members away from us.

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Can you sleep in bed with your dog? Fortunately, there are many other positive aspects.

First, the dog-owner bond pays off. Sleeping together can only strengthen the deep connection that unites us with our animal. In addition, the closeness of our friends before going to bed helps to relieve stress and relieve stress. Even stroking them can increase our volume Oxytocin, The hormone of happiness. Not only is this a good experience, it also allows you to fall asleep faster, fight insomnia and wake up happier. For those who experience loneliness, having a dog nearby that gives them unconditional love can help them feel lonely, depressed, and low on self-esteem.

Last but not least, our dog will benefit from it too. Being very close to us will make him happier and more loving.

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