“Can you see it from above?”

"Can you see it from above?"
Since Elizabeth Rosaspina

Gyrek rowed through the South Atlantic and has been lost since July 29th. Request to the French in orbit around the Earth

Earth is calling space: please View from the International Space Station over the ocean, Near the Azores, if you can find a pink dot with a Breton flag …. The tone of the joke appeals, but hides the anxiety of the team of 29-year-old French navigator Girek Saud, who sailed from the Massachusetts coast of the United States to the Brest of the Atlantic in Britain alone. With a paddle.

Contact him They had been missing for about ten daysBut the hope that this is just a communication problem is that the brave young man has not yet used his Emergency Location Transmitter. No large ship has crossed it since July 29th Thus the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, the tenant of the space station for four months in orbit at an altitude of about 400 km above sea level, decided to ascend to the heights.

Two days ago Pesquat instead sent detailed photos to the base Captured through the portholes of the fires in Turkey and the city of Bryanon in the Alps: perhaps by sharpening the view or telephoto lens, one can also identify a large boat amidst the waves of the ocean, as Saud’s friends hope. The message through Facebook tries to be as light and dramatic as possible. Monique signedWho chose not a girlfriend, but a red hen in the Canaries? Their logbook became a book three years ago: La Fabulous Historio de Guerre et Monique, translated into English and German.

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Another signer, Bosco, and his dog, a cross between the Husky and the Irish Setter from Alaska, are considered an expert sailor. But these two animals stayed at home this time. Curiously, with all the Saudi support team: All Thomas Pesquet – text of appeal -, we are tired of waiting for news from our pope. Okay, she promised not to scare the whole earth if we were worried … but she’s an alien in space, so we have power, right?

And so on Here is a sincere request for help from the astronaut: His name is Girek Saud, he’s as crazy as his spaceship, but he’s on a small submarine (sometimes submarine)! Certainly about 250 or 300 nautical miles north-northeast of the Flores (Azores). If he sees a pink dot with the Bretton flag, our father! We dream of a picture of him. If you can open the window, throw in a satellite phone, a solar charger (and a few boiled eggs), it will be a godsend!

Originally from Plugreskant, in the department on the shore of the armor, Girak Saud left the port of Chatham on 15 June. To reach the end of August Or, most recently, in Brittany in early September. He ended up in a storm in early July, which destroyed most of his electronic devices. One of the two solar panels seems to be disabled.

But according to Grad de Aboville, the first navigator to sail through the North Atlantic, The loss of the media is not an issue Insurmountable, lack of moral support. The young Breton colleague spoke with an optimist about the chances of reaching the finish line. France Info: This person has everything he needs to succeed at the crossing. Cut to the adventure. Saude for several days We were able to get news about him Communicate with cargo ships passing through VHF radio, a very high frequency radio. But since July 29, complete silence and his position can no longer be traced.

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His basic contact, who updates the explorer’s blog, tries to keep his nerve. Assured by the group’s photographer and PR, Alice Cleissen The last thing Girek wanted was the departure of emergency vehicles To end the enterprise and rediscover it. Of course, a look from above will not hurt at all.

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