Can you find the right answer?

Can you find the right answer?

Maths teacher At the university, Drs Kit Jets He posted on Twitter a math problem he was doing homework for his seven-year-old daughter.

– This was my daughter’s (7) math homework on Monday. Can anyone help me with the answer – the professor declared that he was not trying to be funny but he was not sure what the right answer was.

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The figure shows a semicircle drawn with a text explaining that this shape has two right angles. Then, it says whether it is right or wrong, and finally the answer must be explained. His tweet blazed on social networks, and many thought the right answer was to “kill” themselves.

– Yes, I will say exactly, because the left and right lines are curved, but they are angled 90 degrees in a straight line – one of the answers.

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Some believe the answer is no, precisely because of those curved lines, making the task so difficult, especially for children of those years. Professor Keith agreed.

– I will give this task to my students next week to see what they will say – the professor wrote.

However, in the end, it was found that the correct answer required a “no”, but Professor Yates pointed out that the other answer was not entirely incorrect.

– If you zoom in, you will see the tangents in the semicircle at a right angle. So it is acceptable to say “OK” in response –


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