Can you be in the Orange area?

Can you be in the Orange area?

Although school resorts are closed, you can practice winter sports from the slopes, Excursions on foot or in snow, Cross-country skiing and mountaineering. To do this, the effective orders likely agree Exit Municipality of Residence / Domizel And Orange Zone, It is prohibited in the red zone.

However, this is possible if these functions are provided Not practical Within the boundaries of its municipality. Those who follow this rule and leave their place of residence need not fear A fine of 400 to 1,000 euros.

It contains “humiliation.” Government Regular Accepting requestUnsem (National Union of Mountaineering Communities) To meet winter sports enthusiasts, there is no shortage of criticism against extending the closure of school slopes until March 5, 2021.

However, there are permissible activities here in the snow.

Snow shoveling and skiing outside the Orange Municipality

Green light a Snow Showing, Cross-Country Skiing, Sky Mountaineering, Mountain Excursions (From school slopes) even for those who live in the Orange area and another municipality than where they live.

“If it’s not available in your municipality (for example, there are no tennis courts), you can go to another municipality from 5 to 22 as long as you are in the same area.”, Read Questions about the Orange Zone Related to the effective order.

This means that regulatory authorities cannot impose fines on those who leave the municipality for the sole purpose of practicing sports – even those with snow – if there are no places or open spaces where control is possible. Wanted.

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Which decision is up to Unceme President Marco Busson “Especially Satisfied”. It does not remove the obligation to comply with safety and preventive measures, it simply maintains the distance and distance as long as it establishes the compulsive nature of the mask during motor operation and its non-compulsive behavior during the most intense sport. Individual at least 2 m.

You can go by public or private transport to reach the chosen destination, but in this case, passengers must keep a distance of at least one meter and wear personal protective equipment. None of these rules apply to cohabitation.

In the red zone?

Exemptions for skiing and snowboarding do not extend to the red zone, where previous measures in sports and physical activity are in effect.

The first can be implemented individually and without the obligation of a mask across the municipal area, however can cross the border during running or cycling, and if the movement is aimed solely at sporting activities and location, the reach is consistent with the departure municipality.

Conversely, motor activity (e.g. brisk walking) is limited Near your home, With mask and spacing liability.

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