Can mammoths be ‘revived’ to fight climate change?

Can mammoths be 'revived' to fight climate change?

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Although woolly mammoths have been extinct for millennia, scientists want to bring them back to Earth using 21st century genetic engineering technology.

The woolly mammoths will return to life on Earth if they rely on a group of scientists and entrepreneurs who have already received US $ 15 million (approximately R 78 million) from their sponsors.

The money allocated to a company called Colossal will help in the development of genetic engineering technologies that could create a hybrid with the Asian elephant as close as possible to the mammoths that once inhabited the planet. After achieving this goal, some parts of Siberia will be populated with these animals and the environment will be restored to peace.

George Church, a biologist from Harvard University Medical School in the United States, said in an interview with the New York Times, “It will change the world.”

For the past eight years, the church has spent most of its time managing projects with other stakeholders on the idea. The starting point of the work will be the genetic material from the frozen remains of mammoths that died several millennia ago.

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