Can I study in the United States on a full scholarship? | In the Red Corb

Can I study in the United States on a full scholarship?  |  In the Red Corb

Studying a college abroad is the dream of many Brazilian students. Among the destination countries, the United States is definitely part of the dream of many.

However, a major barrier to joining a university in the United States is the financial problem.

In the current context of the real devaluation against the dollar, desire seems to have gone further.

But that is not the case.

Did you know that you can study in the US on a full scholarship?

According to the USA Organization for Education, scholarships and funding for international students are highly competitive and include the following:

  • Excellent academic performance;
  • Special skills in sports or the arts;
  • Volunteering or leadership;
  • Unusual application for admission.

Also, at the undergraduate level, there are many opportunities for scholarships. However, the largest number are concentrated in partial grants.

Graduate scholarships generally fall into two categories:

Scholarships: When they are scholarships for academic merit, sports or other skills;

Financial assistance: When they are allowed for financial purpose.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship in the United States, I have outlined some tips:

Studying outside the organization

Estudar Fora regularly provides up-to-date information (and in Portuguese) on how to study abroad, as well as scholarships in many countries, including undergraduate degrees in the United States.

Great future

Scholarship opportunities for the United States can also be found on the Big Future Organization platform.

In this tab, you can create filters with more information about the grants available for the application (and other types of financial support).

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All information is available in English.

Proficiency tests

Of course the university requires a certificate of proficiency in English in the required documentation.

Therefore, it is important to start studying well in advance to perform this test. It is essential to look for a school that specializes in proficiency testing.

That’s what we do at the University: We help our students make dreams come true.

We are an English school with a methodology created for you to get the best results.

Therefore, we specialize in TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS exams.

For: Fabrio Vargas, Founder and CEO of Mundo Interportaco University School And a passion for modern education. He lived in Europe for more than five years, especially in England and Ireland, where he worked as an interpreter in English and Irish courts.

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