Can Biden accept community? Laws of Canon Law (Pope’s Words) –

Can Biden accept community?  Laws of Canon Law (Pope's Words) -

Vatican City – When we receive the Eucharist, Jesus does the same for us: He knows us, He knows we are sinners, We make a lot of mistakes, but He never gives up joining us in our lives. He knows we need it, because The Eucharist is not the reward of the saints, but the bread of sinners. That is why he exhorts us: “Do not be afraid! Take and eat ”. Pope Francis recently spoke at Angeles on June 6. He did not mention names: But it was not necessary.

Meeting of American Bishops’ Conference and Conservative Leaders’ Conference of Lis Angeles Archdiocese-led Bishops’ Conference for months (online) Jose Horacio Gmes, Considers the adoption of a document on the dignity of communal adoption to prevent Catholic politicians from adopting Eucharist in favor of abortion laws.

This will not be a fair choice, especially in that category – Catholic politicians who support abortion laws – the American president, Joe Biden. In particular, Biden – the second Catholic president in the United States after John Fitzgerald Kennedy – personally opposes abortion but supports the laws in favor of freedom of choice.

The Vatican has already opposed a document that specifies the approval of a conference of US bishops: In early May, Cardinal Louis Ladaria, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, sent a letter to the same Episcopal Conference Make it clear that serious problems in Catholic moral and social doctrine are misleading if abortion and euthanasia alone demand high responsibility on the part of Catholics.

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What does the church say about fellowship?

Church rules about fellowship

General rules are established in canons 912 and 915 of Canon Law. As a matter of principle, every baptized person, not forbidden by law, must enter into the sacred fellowship.

On the other hand, those who are expelled, those who are hindered, or those who stand firm in obvious serious sin are not admitted for sentencing or declaration.. Subsequent formulation is flexible enough to allow for different interpretations over time.

Fellowship for Divorced and Remarried

The most well-known case Divorced and remarried, Was completely excluded from the congregation until the Apostolic Exhortation Happiness, In which Francis summarizes two synods on family reunification in 2014 and 2015 and opens them up for evaluation in individual concrete cases: It’s all about synchronizingIn order to experience the goal of “undeserved, unconditional and voluntary” mercy, each must find his or her own way of participating in the church community. No one can be condemned forever, because this is not the logic of the gospel! They find themselves, not just divorced people living in a new union, but everyone, in any situation.

Ratzinger’s words

In the case of the Eucharist, the orthodox American bishops and Catholics to express their rights Confidential note sent in 2004 Cardinal of the day Joseph Ratzinger, When discussing the same thing with John Kerry, the Democratic candidate for the White House, the Church’s Prefect for Doctrine of the Faith: Abortion and euthanasia They are serious sins, and a bishop must visit those who vote to inform him that he must not attend the Holy Communion until the objective situation of sin is over, and that the Eucharist will deny him otherwise he will be denied. However, the Conference of American Bishops decided differently and assigned the decision to each bishop in his diocese.

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The words of Francesco

But, in reality, the church magisterium is changing and expanding over time. Fellowship is not a reward for the perfect, but a medicine for sinners, that is, everything. Also, he said of himself from the beginning: Who am I? I am a sinner whom the Lord has spoken. All the faithful first recognize their worthiness: Lord, I am not worthy to be present at your table.

Ma c d p. The pope does not accept that political use comes from the Eucharist. In Cardinal LaDaria’s letter, there is a part that obscures the purpose of the instrument. Why only talk about politicians? Every statement of the Conference of Bishops concerning Catholic political leaders must be contextualized within the broader framework of the dignity of all faithful rather than as a single category of politicians.

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