Can Artificial Intelligence Replace College Professors?

Nowadays, there are lots of discussions around the possibility of substituting humans with robots. Some people think that it’s possible for sure, and their opponents say that it will never happen. Each side has arguments. So in our article, we’ll go through them. 

Why Yes

Artificial intelligence can replace professors and not only in colleges but in high schools and universities too. So let’s explore the proof given to raise this opinion. People find benefits from a practical point of view that can make our life easier. 

All Information Is Available

In 2021, you can find any information you need on the Internet. It doesn’t matter whether you have to pay for it or you’re lucky to get it for free, but you can still obtain it. It’s just enough to know how to google correctly and which sources to visit. There is no point in trying to find a certain book as it’s under secret and only ‘the elect’ people can read it. No. This history is true for the 20th century, while the 21st one is good because of the information accessibility. 

So when we visit lectures and hear the professor, we get the proper information. But we can obtain it by reading multiple articles on the Internet. And if it’s a popular subject such as Math, Engineering, Philosophy, English Literature, then materials on OERs, Open educational resources, are waiting for us. 

We Can Obtain Certain Skills On Our Own

There are some skills we can obtain ourselves. For instance, solving problems, analyzing literature writings, critical thinking, and the list goes on. Of course, it’s necessary to have a mentor when you’re taught something creative such as singing, drawing, and dancing. But when it comes to ‘ordinary’ skills, there is no need for mentors. 

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Robots Can Evaluate Essays Objectively 

Sometimes, students face difficulties as professors size up their work subjectively. And this endless problem can be easily solved by turning to artificial intelligence as it doesn’t have emotions, so it can’t emotively evaluate essays. When students ask writing services for assistance, SpeedyPaper, for example, professors can search for incorrect moments and find mistakes where they aren’t. 

Artificial intelligence will discover mistakes only in places where they’re. So thanks to this, all works will be graded objectively. 

Why No

Now we’ll explore several reasons why some people are sure that professors in college will teach students endlessly. As you’ll see, all arguments are related to science and knowledge of human nature. So being against artificial intelligence, people underpin their thoughts with researchers and information from disciplines such as biology, neurophysiology, and psychology. 

We Need Communication

And it’s the main thing that we have to think about as in 2021, many people prefer staying at home and scrolling the news feed rather than going for a walk with friends. Likewise, sitting on social media leads to so-called digital dementia when people have dementia signs but don’t have this disease in fact. 

And the deal is, our thinking is developing when we communicate, while solitude makes our thinking sluggish. So being at college with professors helps students socialize. 

We Need Moving

Being at home, we don’t move as we sit in front of the screen or just lie in bed while reading a book. But humans are created for moving, and when being in the same position for a long time, we impact our body and brain badly as they don’t receive oxygen; also, our muscles atrophy. 

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College solves this problem. Yes, some students get to the institution by using transport, but still, they walk on the campus on breaks talking to their buddies and professors. Or they leave their piece of work to a certain classroom. 

When robots replace professors, all processes will be automatized, so students won’t need to move a lot. So they’ll influence their body and brain badly. 

AI Can’t Be Inspiration

People inspire us, and it isn’t necessary to admire geniuses well-known around the globe. Sometimes students are inspired by professors that are examples of hard work and achieving goals. When turning to robots, students lose the source of inspiration. They don’t perceive their ‘professor’ as a person who can become an example of something great. 

Artificial Intelligence Doesn’t Have Life Experience

In lectures, professors can tell students about odd or funny cases from their life, or give life examples to let young people understand a difficult topic. Unfortunately, robots can’t tell you something from life as they don’t have life experience. So all that artificial intelligence can give you is only knowledge without understandable examples. 

Final Thoughts

So now you know the thoughts of each side of this problem. Arguments of each position are convincing, so you have an opportunity to single out the opinion that you like most. It’s important to remember that we can’t know what opinion is right as it will be known only after a long time. 

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