CAN 2021, World Cup 2022 Qualifiers, Euro Espoires 2021: March International Break TV Program

CAN 2021, World Cup 2022 Qualifiers, Euro Espoires 2021: March International Break TV Program

The first gathering of the year for national football selections.

With the 2021 World Cup qualifiers, the year 2021 will be busy with national selections, including the 2021 CAN, Euro 2020, the last four of the Nations League in Italy, and the Copa America in Colombia and Argentina.

Kick off of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers for the European region

Fifty-five European nations have been in the running since the League of Nations last fall Qualifying for the 2022 World Cup 2022 will take place in Qatar from November 21st to December 18th.

France in Group D with Ukraine, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kazakhstan.

Ukraine and Kazakhstan on TF1 and Bosnia on M6

As a reminder, TF1 And M6 Each broadcasts a World Champions match at international intervals, Each of the two posters provided has a choice of alternatives. The best European poster and two groups are broadcast at each interval W9 And T.M.C. Alternately for the first choice.

Now that there are 3 matches per rally, there has been a change in the distribution of posters between the two groups. This month is a turn off TF1 And W9 To broadcast two meetings in a week.

This is it TF1 It will open the ball with France – Ukraine at 8:45 pm today, followed by Kazakhstan – France at 3:00 pm on Sunday. On his part, M6 Bosnia-France will ship again next Wednesday at 8:45 p.m.

As for the best European poster, W9 Spain – Greece will broadcast tomorrow at 8.45pm and Serbia – Portugal on Saturday at 8.45pm TFX Luxembourg – Portugal will broadcast on Tuesday at 8.45pm.

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According to the competition, Gregor Margotan and Bixent Lizarras will be in charge. TF1 And TFX With Frederick Callen at the edge of the field for the World Championships. Sure M6, The Blues’ two matches with Xavier Domergu, Robert Pierce and Karin Galli commenting on the sidelines. As for Denise Balbir and Jean-Marc Ferry, they will comment on two of their posters. W9.

Major European Countries on the L’Équipe Channel

Team Channel 13 exclusive matches will be televised (9 live and 4 delayed): Portugal – Azerbaijan, Germany – Iceland, Belgium – Wales, Russia – Slovenia, Netherlands – Latvia, Czech Republic – Belgium, Albania – Albania – Belarus, Germany – North Macedonia, England – Poland, Lithuania – Italy.

The sports channel will also offer multiplexes from 8:35 pm tomorrow to watch live matches from major European countries: Germany – Iceland (director match), Italy – Northern Ireland, England – San Marino or Sweden – Georgia.

All other matches will be broadcast live Team Website.

Euro Espoires in France 4

The 23rd edition of Euro Espoors will play in two phases: the group stage from March 24 to 31, and the knockout stage from May 31 to June 6 in Hungary and Slovenia.

Group C will feature the Blues of Sylvain Ripol along with Denmark, Russia and Iceland.

The three matches of the French team will be clearly broadcast France4 : France – Denmark tomorrow at 9pm, Russia – France 9pm on Sunday, Iceland – France next Wednesday at 6pm. 3 Meetings Fabian Lewak and Eric Roy will comment.

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Can qualify for 2021 in sports

The sports channel will offer CAN 2021 qualifiers on its various channels. Competitions in the South American region have been postponed due to a health crisis.

International Week Full Program:

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