Camp Stinkers at I Am A Celebrity Victoria Derbyshire Recap Show

Camp Stinkers at I Am A Celebrity Victoria Derbyshire Recap Show

I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! Actress Victoria Derbyshire confirmed two stinkers at tonight’s camp.

The BBC met journalist Jordan North and AJ Pritchard during the week on Saturday’s recap show.

“Shall we take a bath?” Jordan asked.

AJ responds: “I thought you would never ask.”

As they went to bathe, Jordan saw Victoria: “Sorry, we’re biting each other’s.”

The disgusted Victoria later retreated: “Oh my God, I can smell it, I can smell Bio.”

Jordan told AJ: “I thought it was just me!”

Fans will no doubt wonder if this will be linked to Friday night’s show, Vernon Kay asked Victoria: “Be honest with me, do I smell it?”

Victoria assured him: “No, you should not.”

Surprised, Vernon replied: “Someone smells!”

Victoria then admitted: “Yes, I know who it is, ‘Get in the shower!’ I’m debating whether to say yes or no. “

These references caused a sharp ulation on social media as viewers tried to find out the truth about the mysterious stench.

Jordan tells North and AJ Prittchard on the recap show that Victoria smells Derbyshire

The stinking Vernon was insane

At the start of the recap episode, a Twitter user wrote: “Who do you think Victoria is finally smelling? #ImACeleb#imacelebrity “.

Elsewhere another wrote: “I wonder if we can find out who Victoria smells like in these exclusive clips. #ImACeleb#imacelebrity “.

In the wake of the boys’ BO-focused Victoria’s Week earlier scene, it seems that some people thought the goo plot consultation about the mysterious stench was tough.

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One person tweeted: “Going by these great bits, I think Victoria said it was Smolt Jordan. He and AJ were laughing about the stench, saying that Victoria could move away from Jordan and smell it.”

Vernon Kay and Jordan North had a bath earlier this week

Still, another social media user replied: “These two events were completely different days”.

The original poster responded: “I know he smells, then he may smell bad now”.

Viewers will not be surprised if Jordan admitted earlier this week that he had not changed his pants in the three days he was at the fort.

“Usually at home I wear it once, and here we go wild,” he told former East Enters player Jessica Plummer.

Victoria told the convict Campmet that she had the weight to tell Friday – but now do we know who it is?

Jessica responded: “Jordan I love you but … you don’t have to wear a pair for three days.”

However, he was not alone in admitting that Vernon and AJ Pritchard were guilty of it.

So, could Victoria have mentioned Jordan or AJ on Friday?

I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! It continues on ITV at 9pm on Sunday.

Who do you think’s a celebrity nigger out of me? Let us know in the comments below.

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