Camera enters Radwa L-Sherbini’s luxury home .. Wardrobe will captivate you!

Camera enters Radwa L-Sherbini's luxury home .. Wardrobe will captivate you!

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Radwa L-Sherbini, a media personality, has been the subject of constant controversy on social media sites over her attacks on men on CBC’s Sofra channel’s She and Only ‘show, so some consider her an enemy of men.

Radwa was one of the most popular media personalities in Egypt, beginning his professional journey as a broadcaster on Egyptian television, and has since presented multiple television programs on several satellite channels.

Radwa L-Sherbini is reluctant to publish photos or videos from her home, and does not talk much about her private life in order to maintain her privacy and family stability, as she and her two daughters, Tia and Tamara, distance themselves from the media and society. The media.

Through some photos published by the media on his personal account on the social networking site Instagram, Al-Jameela Magazine found some photos from inside his luxury home in Cairo, which show the sophistication and luxury of this home.

Classicism and tenderness dominate the decor of her house when it comes to the colors of the walls, most of which are white, so Radwa was able to combine it with any other color like gray in the living room.

Where the living room is separated by the presence of a luxurious sofa in light gray velvet, the walls are separated by its light beige tones, and the luxurious porcelain floors are adorned with luxurious black carpet.

Radova L-Sherbini’s house features a unique and distinctive room for her wardrobe, with its luxurious beige porcelain floor and partition walls of large black wooden cabinets, with the media breaking up the colors with a bold red carpet. It also includes a large mirror for portraying Hollywood stars.

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The house also has a large garden with beautiful trees and flowers.

It has stunning seating and several wooden pillars that divide the space, as well as a small swimming pool, to relax more and enjoy the breathtaking views and to sit in the open air with her daughters.

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