“Call my agent!” From to Hollywood career

"Call my agent!"  From to Hollywood career

For Cotein, he is a character who is admired and understood, but still far removed from his own personality.

“I’m less confident than Andrea. She’s more confident, strategic and better at making decisions,” he said.

Cote certainly has no uncertainty about her career, but as an actress in her 40s, she knows more and more that the heights she is experiencing today cannot predict the heights she can see in her.

“When I’m 20, I think, ‘Oh my God, maybe I’m got an Oscar.’ It’s never vertical. I can not say, “Oh, now that I’m done this, I can tell you what’s next, because I do not know, it does not mean it will happen again.”

Besnehard suggested that he could take on roles in France and the United States and pursue a career like Binoche. “I hope the American people will not monopolize this,” he said.

McCarthy sees a very clear path.

“I’m planning big things for Kami, not only for our film, I think he’s sensational, but this is just his moment,” he said. “You can feel it when someone gets a moment in their career and goes into business and is ready to take control of it.”

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