Caesars. Movie: Mini Irish Festival and Open Air Screening planned

Caesars.  Movie: Mini Irish Festival and Open Air Screening planned

Despite a four-month shutdown in 2021 and a drop in the number of screenings due to staff shortages in September, Capuchins was able to hold its own. At a public meeting of friends of Les Capsins of Cinema, Helene Gellinu, president of the 152 – member association, expressed concern over the health crisis this year: “The year has been a morale boost. We recorded 3,476 admissions against more than 10,000 students (including 800 school children), but slightly higher than by 2020 (3,117 admissions, including 571 school children). Festival Final Book, Autumn n operetta show, a documentary on Jazz in Marciak … Finally, the December Cine-Tea Party was a great success with 52 admissions. Will make possible. Several projects are already emerging: “From February to June, we’re participating in the History of Cinema with Michelle Piccoli Retrospective (1 session per month). From March 17th to 20th we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The association also offers music concerts, and we’re planning an open-air cinema in Maison Gorge in August. After thanking all the participants, the municipality and the technical services for their assistance, Helen Gelino named the office: Helen Gelino (President), Hubert Drooks (Treasurer), Olivia Munier (Assistant-Treasurer), Alexandra Herwine (Secretary).

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