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“Cabaret de l’Exile – Irish Travellers” by Bartabas: A Beautiful Journey by Le Masque

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Representation summed up by Jerome Garcin

A game with France Inter. Here is Bartabas’ new show and the second cabaret since his dedication to Yiddishland. The Travelers are this ancestral Irish nomadic community, also called ‘horseman people’, who live in caravans like the Bartabas. They have their own language, Shalta, traditions that are passed down orally, and above all, they are still discriminated against in Ireland to the rhythm of a small orchestra, bagpipes, accordions and bodhrans. Acrobats and aerialists have a field day. There is a priest who reads the Bible to the sheep; horses leaping over the revelers’ table; And our Bartabas riding his huge horse. A show by Thomas Carty from the community singing the old tunes of this community. We look at it with glee, because it’s Bartabaz, and we have a small bottle of warm cinnamon whiskey on our tables.

Jacques Nerson was amazing on this show!

Drama critic Obs He found it a very good show and “there’s a great vibe coming out of it. I had a wonderful time. Bartabas returns to something that’s been his hallmark since the beginning, and it’s really nice”.

Fabienne Pascade hails a piece of glorious freedom

Criticism of Telerama With admiration: “I love the freedom of Bartabas, who dares and allows himself more than 40 years. There, when we attend shows vaguely inspired by Vienna or gypsy countries, he goes back to the cabaret of his beginnings, and at his age, he takes risks. He uses images that he has seen 20,000 times, but he uses others creating. He encourages us to take an imaginative and personal journey that sets us free. A world of reconciliation”.

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Vincent Jose escaped completely

A passage that France Inter’s critic found horrifying: “Although this great joy is a sad joy – and therefore a hint of melancholy about the terrible lives these travelers lead – it lends a slight melancholy to the beautiful scenes associated with mythology. , the very present half-man, half-animal aspect, which urges you to escape, you Coming in after the deadline. A play that gives the feeling of going somewhere else sounds great to us”.

“All is said and done” for Armelle Heliot who loves it so much!

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“Cabaret de l’Exile: Irish Travelers” by Bartabas

4 minutes

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