C in the Air – Omicron: How to catch? En streaming – Replay France 5

C in the Air - Omicron: How to catch?  En streaming - Replay France 5

No curfew on New Year’s night, no prisoners, no postponement of school year, no closure of cultural and sports venues. To prevent the spread of the fifth wave of Kovid-19 and the spread of the omiciron variant, the executive decided to reject the most radical measures that would paralyze the country, unlike some of our European neighbors. The Prime Minister likes to call on the French to take responsibility for the New Year celebrations, with vaccination betting on the implementation of the vaccination pass from January 15. But by then, he had chosen to strengthen some of the measures in effect and had set some obligations for three weeks from Monday, January 3rd. So compulsory telework will be returned to all employees in all companies “three days a week” or even “if possible” four days. The measure also applies to public service. Reducing the isolation period for patients and contact cases is still under discussion, according to Jean Castex. The announcement should take place by the end of the week. The declared goal is to “minimize the impact on society of the multiplicity of pollution and contact cases that can disrupt public and private services,” the health minister explained, while the sick leave of contact cases of people increased by 740%. November 1, December 19.

At the same time, wearing the mask outdoors will make a comeback “in all the city centers,” where prefects and mayors think it’s as useful as gauging. Larger gatherings will certainly be significantly reduced: they will be limited to 5,000 people outside and 2,000 indoors, and standing concerts will be banned. Ads that are a “new setback” for the entertainment world. “This will translate into a few hours for the occasional recreational worker, and will seriously weaken many companies,” explained Alica Segvino, general manager of Prodis, an organization of employers representing France’s major music and diverse show companies.

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In the case of bars, cafes and restaurants, this is not the time for a party. Because if institutions are open, they will have to give up over-the-counter consumption, serve customers only at tables, and fear that they will lose customers again. Finally, the consumption of food and beverages in sports halls and cultural venues – cinemas and theaters – as well as in transportation “including long distances” will be prohibited. The last announcement that caused more than one confusion on social networks. Internet users are amazed at this size, which is difficult to apply, especially for long journeys by air.

Kovid-19 Pandemic is an aviation sector that has already been heavily affected, with the advent of the ൈmicron variant making the year-end look even darker. At least 8,000 flights worldwide had to be canceled last weekend due to quarantine by pilots, flight attendants and other staff. Travel restrictions in many countries (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Morocco, etc.) and barriers to social life in others (Germany, Denmark, Ireland, etc.) and cancellation of reservations also affect the operation of airlines entering an area. Again intense agitation.

So, will the measures announced by Jean Costax be enough to fight the fifth wave of Kovid-19? With Omicron, is the French economy at risk of paralysis? Finally, what are the prospects for the aviation sector?

The guests :

– Eli Cohen, economist – CNRS researcher

– Jade Grandin de L’Éprevier, Eco Journalist – L’Opinion

– Sandra Hobian, Society Division Director – Credock

– Nicolas Berrod, Journalist – Le Parisian – Today in France

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