By 2022, six countries in Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy will have different reunification laws.

Different competition rules from the six countries of Wales, England, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy

With less than a month to go, six countries are still in doubt.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

In Wales it is definitely in the air – there is no limit to the crowds in sports as the six countries approach.

But what about other countries?

From Ireland Wales will launch their campaign on February 5, with just 5,000 people attending events or 50% arena capacity (whichever is less).

The Irish restrictions are in place until January 30th.

The Irish government and the IRF are said to be in talks over whether to comply with any of the six countries’ initial restrictions.

The union plans to see the 51,700 – seat Aviva Stadium for the next Games this spring – 80% of IRFU’s revenue comes from the national team.

With the match against Wales on Saturday, February 5, Ireland will host Italy in Dublin on February 27 and Scotland on March 19.

With the Guinness Book of World Records set to launch in the first weekend of February, we will keep in touch with the government and post updates as more information becomes available, ”the report said.

“Currently we are continuing our routine planning and failure to do so will affect ticket distribution to the Guinness Book of Records.

“If our country’s Guinness Book of World Records is affected by cancellations, delays or arrival restrictions, general ticket holders will be able to stay on the reprogrammed flight, or cancel, or have restrictions, and the refund will be activated.

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“All other ticket holders will be contacted in a timely manner.”

It’s a story like that Scotland The current restrictions, which take effect until at least January 17, are limited to 500 fans at Scottish stadiums.

“I do not think we should go beyond these restrictions until January 17,” said Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

“All of us, including us, want to make Scotland happy in Murrayfield in six countries.

“But if I try to say more than we can, I have done no good to anyone. We will continue to use data and resources and make judgments to achieve that clarity quickly.

“I firmly believe that these contests will continue – the crowd of supporters will move forward.”

Crossing the border England Currently, there are no restrictions on accommodation.

As a result, most projects involving moving games revolve around competitions in the UK – which are unlikely to introduce spectator controls.

The UK government will review its activities this week, but is expected to last until at least January 26.

Inn France Outdoor public meetings – including sports – are limited to 5,000 people until January 3.

France’s scheduled vaccination pass – which requires proof of the vaccine to enter public places and not just a negative test – will take effect on January 15.

As France plans to lift the ban on those coming from the UK, it will affect traveling fans.

However, this will not affect the players as it was initially feared.

Initial reports indicated that France’s tough measures would affect soldiers who did not get the vaccine, but this was not the case after the French parliament approved a new vaccination pass.

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A meeting is scheduled for Monday to allow “sports concessions” to be entered into the tournament, especially for non-vaccinated athletes, to “define what will happen in the coming weeks, in a firm and precise manner.” Under current law, solitary confinement is punishable by imprisonment.

Finally, inside Italy They tightened restrictions on people who were not vaccinated in December, and their “govit pass” system will be in place until at least mid-January.

However, there are no real restrictions on living capacity.

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