Bushmills launches whiskey as a tribute to the Peeky Blinders series

Bushmills sort un whiskey spécial Peaky Blinders !

100% Irish Whiskey in Limited Edition, which will delight fans of the series!

As the final season of the Peeky Blinders series hits Netflix today, the Bushmills brand in Northern Ireland has decided to launch a limited edition whiskey in homage to the popular TV show! Named the “Prohibition Recipe”, this whiskey is made specifically for the series and has a form and label with a picture of Thomas Shelby presented by the famous Cilian Murphy.

Bushmills climbing into the success of the Peeky Blinders

A whiskey that evokes the codes of the Prohibition era!

If you have been living in a cave for the past 6 years, the Peeky Blinders Series has enjoyed unprecedented success around the world! The quality of its screenplay (it tells the story of a family living in Birmingham), its ultra-polished films and anachronistic rock roll music have made it one of the most interesting in recent years.

On this occasion, the Northern Irish distillery Bushmills had the idea to introduce a new limited edition whiskey. The latter pays an energetic tribute to the series by offering a drink in the spirit of the 1920s and 1930s bans.

Easy to identify, the bottle offers a retro design, with a label featuring a portrait of Tom Shelby, wearing the famous cap that hides the razor blades on the back of the visor. He is the unwavering leader of the Peeky Blinders, a cold and tormented man, a brilliant strategist and an aspirant.

The label has the following statement: “By order of Shelby Company Limited”. A nice wink that gives the impression that whiskey has just come out of the Peeky Blinders distillery!

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Bushmills named its whiskey “Forbidden Recipe.” More precisely, it is a mixture of malt barley and water from Knappog Castle, a castle in County Clare, Ireland.

It is 100% Irish whiskey, aged in bourbon casks.

Master distiller columnist Egan Whiskey has carefully supervised the creation of a special series for consumers: a loyal whiskey from the days of Peeky Blinders – a taste of prohibition – but it develops a particular complexity and intensity in the palate.

In taste, the whiskey displays flavors of caramel, vanilla, sage, oats, orange and rye. Balanced excellence that delights fans of the show!

For the time being, the bottle is only offered at 28 euros in the United States.

No details on possible marketing in Europe

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