Bursa Express – FMA Report on Asset Management in the Second Quarter 2021

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The regulated fund assets of Austrian investment funds increased slightly

Vienna (OTS) – At the end of the second quarter of 2021, there were assets of about 219.4 billion euros in Austrian investment funds.[1] Handled. As a result, fund assets increased by + 5.0% or 10.4 billion compared to the previous quarter. 2 billion bond funds (+ 1.7%),. 40.9 billion in equity funds (+ 8.2%), € 10.5 billion in estate funds (+ 2.4%), കാല 5.9 billion in short-term bond funds (+ 0.7%), 6 0.6 billion in private equity funds and 4 0.4 billion in other funds. This comes from the FMA Report on Asset Management in the Second Quarter of 2021 published today.

As of the reporting date, there were 14 investment companies in Austria[2] (KAG), 54 alternative investment fund managers[3] (AIFM), more than the previous quarter, they launched 891 (+1) “Joint Investment in Securities Undertakings” (UCITS) and 1,134 (+13) Non-Investment Funds (AIF). According to the investment strategy, these are divided into 1212 mixed, 427 bonds, 333 equity, 52 short-term bond funds, 33 private equity funds, 19 real estate funds and 39 other funds. Of these funds, 103 have already qualified as a sustainability fund under Austrian Ecolabel 49 (UZ49). They already manage $ 21.8 billion (+ 11.5% or + € 2.3 billion compared to the previous quarter + + 28.7% or + € 4.9 billion) at the beginning of the year. After reducing the total number of Austrian funds by 7 in the first quarter, their number increased by 14 funds in the second quarter.

At the end of the second quarter, there were 7,559 UCITSs from the European Economic Zone (EEA).
(+63 compared to the previous quarter) and 1,699 AIF (+86 compared to the previous quarter) Foreign investment companies and AIFMs were notified for distribution in Austria. Depending on the country of origin, Luxembourg, Ireland, Germany and France are particularly important.

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The full FMA report on asset management in the second quarter of 2021 can be downloaded from the FMA website under the link:
Quarterly Reports /)

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[1] Fund assets accumulated as gross asset value (NAV)

[2] In accordance with the Investment Fund Act 2011 (InVFG 2011)

[3] In accordance with the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Act (AIFMG)

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