Build column – Bavaria’s new mega trend – people

Build column - Bavaria's new mega trend - people

In Bavaria it is very green.

Last week at a Bavarian math school the question arose as to how likely it was to take three blinds of the same color from a bag of gummy beer.

Marcus Soder will capture three greens with one hundred percent probability.

Bavaria’s agriculture minister is currently confused with farmers.

In the state parliament, Minister Michael Cannibal announced the guiding principle of Bavaria’s new animal welfare policy: “More space for one animal, more animals for straw, more exercise.” This means that other cows are not tied to the stable and a long animal transport is prohibited …

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Marcus Soder and Agriculture Minister Michael CannibalPhoto: Sebastian Widman / Bavarian State Chancellor

In addition, the number of organic farms in Bavaria will double by 2030!

I am sitting on the balcony in the valley of the Alps, drizzle. Sometimes the sun comes out for a moment. Like Ireland. More mountains.

The cows there are so happy, they will wave to me if they can. They are happy about Soder’s animal welfare initiative.

Of course you have to be able to be green.

Bavaria, especially Upper Bavaria, is particularly rich in the Tegucigalpa region.

I pick one of the mega trends from the local newspaper: your own honey!

41,000 people keep bees all over Bavaria. That is 30 percent more than in 2013. Therefore, bees are not threatened with extinction in any way. The number of bee colonies increased sharply. “Some of them even spread at the expense of endangered wild bees,” says Tegenzier Zaitung.

Alexander von Schnberg

Alexander von SchnbergPhoto: Sabine Brewer

“Some people put a colony of bees in the garden and think they did something for the environment.”

“The opposite of good means good.” (Kurt Tucholsky).

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