“Buddy Simulator 1984” was released on Steam. The “world for you alone” created by artificial intelligence is gradually expanding and collapsing AUTOMATON

"Buddy Simulator 1984" was released on Steam.  The "world for you alone" created by artificial intelligence is gradually expanding and collapsing  AUTOMATON

Indy Studio Note A Sailor Studio announces ADV & RPG on February 19Buddy Simulator 1984Released. PC (Steam) is the supported platform. 10% discount is applicable till February 26 and you will get it for 900 yen instead of 1000 yen. The following introduction includes the spoilers of the introduction.

“Buddy Simulator 1984” is an adventure game that mimics PC software from the 1980s. The player runs the old PC screen and the game progresses as commands are input in the text. The goal of this work is to communicate with the artificial intelligence of “be your partner.” Artificial intelligence gradually learns about this profile by talking to the player. It seems to have a strong affection for the player who activates him.

The main “features” of Buddy Simulator 1984 are several game hubs. Your buddy’s artificial intelligence has only three play sets to play with. Number ess games, word ess hiccup games, rock-paper-scissors. Both are simple games and you can complete everything in 5 minutes. Playing with artificial intelligence is not a little satisfying, but it’s not helpful for computers in the 1980s … My buddy gives you some suggestions. Artificial intelligence requires “system rewrite authority”.

Once you enter a command, the game expands dramatically. Software that can only be played as a simple game is transformed into an adventure that demonstrates long lessons at the hands of artificial intelligence. Here, as in the old-fashioned text game, commands such as “go ○○ (go)” and “look ○○ (see ~)” are typed text. It looks like you’re playing old software, but sometimes the “author” of the game makes fun of the player, and it’s full of information known only to your “buddy”.

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The evolution of the game does not end there. The game that artificial intelligence created for you develops as you see it, transforming it from the beginning into a significantly transformed form. It’s all a world created by artificial intelligence to entertain players. Software that goes beyond its original design and deviates from what it should be will soon appear unexpected.


The ADV part of the opening sentence has a high barrier because it is a long English sentence, but if you use a dictionary, you can somehow get to the RPG part. “Buddy Simulator 1984” is now available on Steam for PC. It will be available until February 26 at a discount of 900 yen.

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