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BTS Fortnight Concert: What time does the Dynamite Party Royal start?

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BTS ARMY has no time to wait… (Photo: Taizong Kim / Getty)

Fortnite has previously collaborated with some of the top musicians, having previously done crossovers with Steve Okey, Travis Scott and Marshmallow.

However, what could be their biggest event to date, the game is set to launch a collaboration with BTS, the K-Pop interaction, and their recent achievements include breaking and breaking YouTube records The most followed Korean players of Tic Tac Toe.

South Korean group Fortnight Party will present a new music video for their English-language single Dynamite at Royal – the song that won the band their first Billboard number.

When is the BTS Party Royal event?

What time is the BTS Fortnight event?

Fortnight: The Battle Royale weekend event kicks off on Friday, September 25 at 8pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) with the premiere of BTS ‘Dynamite Music Video.

It runs from 8pm EST to UK at 1am – no hesitation for dedicated fans or the military to wait for it.


BTS ready to blow up Fortnight (Image: REX)

If you can’t find the music video debut on Friday, Fortnight will host a reunion on Saturday, September 26th at 8am EST, which runs in the UK at 1pm.

How to see BTS: Party Royal

If you are already using Fortnight, you will need to open the game as usual. If this is your first time on Fortnight, you can download the game from the store pages for your Windows, Mac or Android.

You can also find the game on your PS4, Xbox and Switch in game stores.

Once you open Fortnight, on the lobby screen, select Change in the bottom right corner, select Party Royal and press Accept.

Once you have pressed Play, you should go to the main stage on the east side of the island.

To do this, find the Sofdies ice cream parlor in the plaza and go to the back right of the store.

A disco sign will confirm that you are on your way to the main stage and that BTS Dynamite is on its way to your own mind.

BTS Fortnight Night Emotions: When are they ready to use?

In addition to launching their music video, BTS will also be collaborating with Fortnight to release two new emoticons that they have danced to themselves.

New BTS Emotions were dropped on September 23rd at Fortnight’s Item Shop.

Emotes, which can only be purchased in one bundle, can be found under the item shop’s special category and can be purchased for up to 800 V-bucks – Fortnight’s in-house house currency.

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