Bruce Willis trends on Twitter thanks to the original NASA spacecraft

Bruce Willis trends on Twitter thanks to the original NASA spacecraft

It is not uncommon for a film to be made about a historical event or an influential person. A lot of the stories are based on real life, which continues to be successful Blockbuster. But we rarely get a real-life story that mimics an old sci-fi movie – especially one where the plot seems completely strange. But it seems to be happening in a classic Bruce Willis movie and a real NASA program.

Bruce has been an action movie star for decades. And he has some movies that are more popular than others. When Bruce started trending on Twitter at the end of November, we initially expected an anniversary. “Is Die severely A Christmas movie? “It’s happening every year, yes, it’s a Christmas movie, but he’s been trending for another of his famous movies.


The plot of the 1998 film seems far-fetched. “After discovering that a Texas-sized asteroid will hit Earth within a month, NASA is recruiting the wrong team of deep core drillers to save the planet,” the description reads. IMDb.

The film is full of slow-motion walking, precisely timed aerosmith songs, and recruits people to prevent seemingly impossible natural disasters. Nothing similar has happened in real life, so it’s arguably based on science fiction and a biopic.

But now, 23 years after its release Armageddon, That strange plot seems to be happening in real life (albeit on a small scale). Accordingly Associated PressOn November 23, NASA launched a spacecraft that set out to destroy an asteroid from its orbit.

It does not go to Earth, but if it threatens to fall to Earth one day, the researchers think it’s a good time to see if it’s even possible to push the space rock out of its path.

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Like a small plotline of Armageddon. No one has lost that reality, not even the people at NASA. according to Deadline, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said, “The agency invited Bruce to the launch because he did not want to lose that connection.”

That’s why Bruce Willis is trending on Twitter. People on the social platform saw the connection between the original NASA mission and the sci-fi movie.

The Launch of the original NASA spacecraft At 1:21 AM on November 24, the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket took off from the Vandenberg Space Base in California.

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