Brother Duels: The predecessors of Rosie and the Marini / MotoGP

Brother Duels: The predecessors of Rosie and the Marini / MotoGP

Another pair of brothers, Valentino Rossi and Luka Marini, will meet in 2021 in a MotoGP class. A look at the statistics books of the Motorcycle World Championships – from the Sarons to the Okey Brothers to Marquez.

For the past 20 or 30 years, the brothers have met again and again in Premier class. I immediately think of Nobuwatzu and Takumaokki, who landed on the stage near Mick Dohan in 1997 on a 500cc GP in Imola. Alex (30) and Paul Espargara (29) have been dating since 2014 in Premier Class.

The Japanese Aoki family was a specialty. The three brothers achieved remarkable GP successes. Along with Nobuwatzu (he continued to be a Suzuki MotoGP test driver until 2015), Haruchika (two-time 125cc world champion), and Takumaokki (parapergic after a motorcycle accident), the Oakie family even produced three racing drivers. In 1997, Takuma and Nobatsu met in a 500cc class, and in 1999, Haruchika and Nobatsu met.

In 2020, two brothers, Mark and Alex Marquez, competed together for the first time on the Repsol MotoGP factory team, but Big Brother, a six-time MotoGP champion as everyone knows, was ruled out by the end of July due to injury. Alex was transferred to the LCR in 2021.

For the first time, 41-year-old Valentino Rossi and half-brother Luka Marini will attend a class together next year. Moto 2 runner-up Rosie brings the colors of the Sky VR46 team to his MotoGP World Championships in Ducati.

On this occasion, we spread out through the statistics and selected a few milestones.

– The two brothers last competed in MotoGP in 2010 before launching the Aspargus in 2010 at the USGP in Laguna Sec. At the time, Nicki Hayden was competing in the LCR-Honda for Ducati and his brother Roger Lee, replacing Randy de Puniette. Both drivers scored points: Fifth place Nikki. Eleventh place went to Roger Lee.

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– The last two brothers before 2014 were regular MotoGP competitors when Kenny and Curtis Roberts boarded the Proton KRV5 990cc machine in 2004.

– In addition to the 2004 Roberts brothers, other brothers competed full time in the Premier Class. Nobatsu, Takuma Ok Ki 1997, Bernard, Marc Garcia 1994, 1995, Dominic, Christian Saron 1989.

– The last two brothers to make it to the “Premier Class” stage were Nobutsu and Takumaokki: they finished second and third, respectively, with Mick Dohan in the 1997 Imola GP.

– In 1962, two brothers met on stage in Argentina. Juan Salatino was second at the time and his brother Eduardo was third.

In the smaller classes, for example, Alex and William de Angeles from San Marino competed together at the 125cc World Championships from 1999 to 2001, and then Hiroshi and Shuhai Ioma competed in the 250cc class for years.

The list of pair brothers who came on GP missions at different times or in different classes is very long, including a total of 50 pairs.

One of them, Mark and Alex Marquez, became the first brothers to win the 2014 Motorcycle World Championships (MotoGP, Moto 3), thus making GP history. As a reward for the Moto 3 crown, Alex Marquez was allowed to test the MotoGP-Honda RC213V after the final in Valencia in 2014. At the time, the two Marquez brothers rode around the track in Repsol Honda machines.

Five years ago, HRC Vice President Shuhai Nakamoto promised to imagine a repsol factory team with two Marquez brothers in 2017. But it finally took Alex five years to win the Moto 2 World Championship in 2019. He became world champion for the second time in the same year as his brother Mark. Since then the repsol dream has become a reality for him, even for a season at a time.

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In 2015, in addition to the Esparger, the second pair of brothers wanted to compete in the MotoGP class. Superbike World Championship star Eugene Laverty started for the Asper team but after Paul Byrd Motorsport withdrew his brother Michael Laverty was unable to win the MotoGPWM position.

It would have been a double premiere: until then, two pairs of brothers at the same time in GP history had never competed as regular drivers in the Premier class. For the first time two brothers would not start for the same country. Lavertes hails from Northern Ireland in Great Britain and Michael travels under the British flag. However, Eugene has an Irish license and is therefore considered a pilot from Ireland.

By the way: Christian and Dominic Saron were the first brothers to win a motorcycle Grand Prix. Christian won a total of seven Grand Prix in the 250cc and 500cc classes. Dominic, who won four 250cc races, finished third in the 1986 season.

In recent years, more and more brothers have appeared on the GP scene. We saw the twins in the same class (Moto 3) from the beginning with Turks Can and Denis Öncü. They shone first and second overall in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. At the age of 15.5, Cannon made his GP debut in Valencia.

Axel Ponce, the son of a world champion, had a modest victory at the Moto 2 World Championships. Brother Edgar has won the Moto 2 European Championship twice, but in GP Racing the shoes of Papa Sito (World Champion in 1988 and 250cc and a Honda in 1989) are too big for him. He stopped after the 2020 season, and Edgar is now in charge of sports management on the family’s Moto 2 team.

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Siblings who competed in different or the same GP classes:

Mark and Alex Marquez
Paul and Alex Espargara
Valentino Rossi and Luka Marini (half brothers)
Axel, Edgar Pons
Denise and Can ncü
Eugene and Michael Laverty
Brad and Darin Binder
Nobatsu, Haruchika Takuma Ayoki
Kensuke Un Noriyuki Haga
Vesa und Mica Kallio
Giacomo and Felice Agostini
Jack, Pierre Bolle
George and Raul kissing
George and Peter Louistain
Matti und panty salonen
Patrick and Jഗrgen van der Grberg
Francesco and Walter Villa
Alfred and Gerhard Weibel
Horst and Helmet Casner

Max and Helmet Braddle competed together at the 250cc European Championships in 1986, but not at the World Championships.

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