‘Broken’ Alex Thompson has retired from the 2020 Wendy Globe


Alex Thompson’s dream of winning the 2020 Wendy’s Globe came to an end on Friday evening (November 27) after Hugo Boss suffered a devastating injury.

The very popular hero has announced that Wendy is retiring from the globe and is now heading to Cape Town.

Speaking Hugo Boss Today, a very emotional Thomson said: “It took me a few days to absorb what had happened and to gather my thoughts. I am usually a very positive person, but if I am honest now I feel very broken.

“My goal is to make this race the best in 20 years; We were so close before, this time I really thought it was possible. I have the boat of my dreams, and we put together a campaign that I am very proud of, and despite the setbacks of last week I thought it was possible – to win, or at least complete.

“I gave my life for this sport, it’s a very difficult pill to swallow.”

The rudder damage occurred hours after Thompson reported Hugo Boss The IMOCA’s internal structure was repaired last week and was returning to the South China Sea at full speed.

After finding cracks in some longitudinal structures in the bow area last week, Thompson worked with his team on how to make effective repairs and worked nights from Sunday to Thursday. . He confirmed that he and his team were confident in the repairs and that he was back in race mode, not to lose the steering soon.

“I fly an average of 21 knots, a small generator and a reef on a main sale,” Thompson reported. “When there was a big impact, I went down and the boat attacked violently. The steering system was interrupted, and all I could do was roll the ships.

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Wendy Globe 1302 Local Time (1202)


Launching on Sunday, November 8, the 2020 Wendy Globe is one of the most diverse IMOCA ships

“Once on the deck I could see the rudder blade shattering and jumping into the crevices with a large fishing gear. So I must have hit something. It certainly looks like that.

The boat is now flat as I sail with a rudder to Cape Town. ”

As Rudder felt the damage could not be repaired, Thompson had no choice but to announce his retirement from Wendy Globe, which he described as ‘heart-breaking’.


Carbon panels on deck Hugo Boss: Thomson spare materials cut to make South Atlantic structural repairs, Wendy Globe Racing

“This sport, this race is tough, things can change very quickly, but that’s the beauty of it, it’s so challenging, that’s why I’ve given it so much of my life,” he said.

“The messages of fan support are unbelievable and I don’t feel worthy.

“But from other captains and teams, your words really touched me and I sincerely hope you all finish it safely.


Many of his Wendy Globe contestants expressed shock and grief at Thompson’s news. Fabrice Amedeo, a 25th-ranked racing journalist and solo captain, expressed a number of sporting thoughts in a message:

“Wendy’s Globe has lost one of its favorites. But our race has lost more than that. Alex revolutionized our sport: his boats are always the most beautiful and one step ahead of rivals. Alex breaks all barriers and innovates the voyage: Keel Walk, Mast Walk, Sky Walk. He is unique in our sport.

“Wendy’s Globe needs Alex Thomson to win. I hope it will be 2024. After all, Alex is good and he is humble. Race not only loses a loved one, but a great man even today. I wish him and his entire team the best of luck. ”


Captain Alex Thompson Hugo BossRadically designed ‘inside’ cockpit

Thomson’s exit from the competition would be a major setback for Wendy Globe’s international appeal. Another non-French captain, equivalent to Ellen McArthur’s famous second place finish in 2001, walked most of the race with broken foil when she finished second in the final race. It was his third most successful British entry into the Wendy Globe in 2013 and the most experienced (this is his fifth attempt).

Thomson is also the most successful British captain to bridge the gap between sailing, mainstream sports and news coverage from MacArthur. He was knocked out of the race during the 2020 Wendy Globe Hugo BossMulti-directional cameras to show fans a panoramic view of the race.

The team had set up a data ‘hub’ on their website to share statistics such as boat speed, heel angle, decibel levels, heroes ’heart rate and the amount of sleep Thompson handled. It was generally professional, addictive and perfectly adapted to interact with followers who had never experienced offshore racing.


Marked cracks and structural damage Hugo BossThompson found three weeks in the Wendy Globe competition in the bow area

While Thomson may be a brilliant communicator, he is, above all, a rival, and he is frustrated to be out of a match where he has spent two decades trying to win. His voice broke as he said:

“Thanks to my team and your dedication and hard work, I know you can do no more. You have worked tirelessly with our partners and with us, you have shown such dedication and loyalty.

“I can’t make history right now, but I told you everything, everything I got.”

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