Brittany legends and Christmas stories with Nantes author Fanny Shevell

Brittany legends and Christmas stories with Nantes author Fanny Shevell

9:10 am Guest: Nanny author Fanny Chevel. It publishes two books on Béluga editions, Brittany legends, essentials, and Christmas Eve, distributed by Coop Breizh. These are stories from five historic Breton departments. We meet Angou, Merlin, Corrigans, and the evil Cornanton, who live under the Dolmens. Overall intended for children 6 to 10 years old with multiple illustrations.

Additional: A reading time is indicated for each story.

To read and slip under a tree

The amazing and unavoidable legends of Brittany

The wonderful legends of Brittany-Christmas

Brittany’s Wonderful Legends – Christmas

9.15 am Thursday Celebration: Sofa / Pizza evening at Jean-Jacques Leicesters with a glorious casting film seen on Netflix, The power of the dog Jane Campion.

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9.25am Crystal Raffstead’s favorite from the bookstore Le Livre dans la Theière in Rocheserviere, she’s also president of ALIP Association of Free Libraries in Pace de la Louis. With her, we enjoy … We enjoy with you today Pomegranate soup, Masha Merhan’s delicious and humane novel published by Pique.


Three young sisters who fled Iran during the Revolution seek refuge in a small village in Ireland, which was also withdrawn by the rains. They open the Babylon Cafe there, and soon the mesmerizing aromas of roasted almonds and hot honey of cardamom and black cumin disturb the serenity of Ballinacrog. Residents do not welcome them with open arms. But the three sisters’ Persian cuisine is so delicate and fragrant that it germinates strange seeds in those who enjoy it. Delicious dill dolma rolls and tongue-melting baklava, coated with gold tea in its copper samovar, make their dreams come true and make them want to change their lives.
It was her own family history that inspired Marsha Mehran to write this warm and sensual novel in which cooking plays the most beautiful role. The Hot as well as Sard, Hot and cold, sad and happy, in an alchemy with the mesmerizing aroma of rose water and cinnamon.
Everyone can experience the magic of Persian cuisine, and there is a recipe in each chapter of the book.

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Pomegranate soup
Pomegranate soup


Marjan fascinated Father Mahoney with the beauty of the coffee room and returned to his abrapali casserole dish. She lifted the lid and slowly smelled the boiling stew, into which she added a large round limovomani – dried lemon. Just one of these lemons is enough to give any dish an intense taste, thanks to its sour taste. As Father Mahoney looked at the glowing vermilion on the walls and the curious belly of an object that felt straight from a fairy tale – the samovar screaming with satisfaction – Marjan placed a bowl of broth on a silver platter engraved with a rustic look. , Little children dancing around the ass. Next to the bowl, she put a dish filled with goosebumps (a mixture of meat and vegetables in a mortar), hot lavash bread, and a mixture of spices – torch – chopped onion and radish. She wanted to add fresh tarragon, but it was one of the few ingredients she forgot to bring back from Dublin, and instead she ate fresh mint and mint. , Mentally minded to get some seeds on his next trip to the city. She decided to turn her dull backyard into a thriving medicinal garden. She fixed her heavy tray and pushed open the swinging doors. Father Mahoney, standing in front of the wall facing north, ran his fingers over the carpet that hung there.

– Extraordinary, absolutely extraordinary. It’s handmade, can I imagine?

– Yes, it’s from Iran. You know, each region has its own patterns. Each tribal family weaves history on their carpets and passes on their secrets from one generation to the next. So, in a way, you can say that these are magical carpets.

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– Fascinating! Shouted the priest. Marjan smiles as he places the tray on the table.

She noticed that her cup of jasmine tea was still empty.

– Behold, the cruelty I promised you. I hope you like it.

– I’m sure. You are very kind. my God! What a perfume! What a fragrance, really! Is not this ab-abbagoosht a Portuguese dish? When I was young, I was an expert in Portuguese cuisine, which is why I ask you.


– No, it’s Persian from beginning to end. It’s hearty, but it’s very good ingredients. Need a cup of tea? Or a teapot, maybe?

– Oh, well, I can’t refuse right now, can I?

He looked at the various elements of Abgosh, wondering where to start. He took his spoon to taste the broth, but interrupted his gesture as if it would hurt her.

– The broth is very clear. You can drink it throughout the meal, but the main course is a mixture of meats there. Thin bread is called lavash. We take the meat and gradually use it to add onions, herbs or whatever we want. This is a very nutritious dish, especially in winter, Marjan explained, pointing to each food. She took the empty cup and went to fill the samovar. Describing the best way to eat abgoshit evoked memories of the country. She lowered the samovar lever and watched the yellow liquid fill the glass and gold lamp cup. If she were in Iran, this tea would have been accompanied by pomegranate-sprinkled pomegranate, roasted hazelnuts or a sticky saffron and carrot halva. On the night of the end of winter, all the family gathered on the living room carpet to share these foods and tell stories. Especially when it was cold, they wrapped themselves around the corsage and wrapped it in a low table, a blanket and a beautifully embroidered cloth. Under this table, a small electric heater warmed their hearts and knees, and they sat there to share their memories and hopes for the coming year.

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