Brittany Ferris plans to reopen a line between Le Havre and Ireland

Brittany Ferries is considering the possibility of opening a line between Ireland and Le Havre. (© MC Nouvelon / 76actu)

“We are discussing the commercial services of the Grand Maritime Port of Havere,” confirmed Jean-Marc Rune. When asked about the development possibilities for Ireland during a recent voyage across the sea city, Brittany Ferris President explained that the company already has a theory on creating a second line from Le Hawre. Connected to Portsmouth, England.

This time, it will be a question of turning “almost to Rossaler” in 2021. Everything “affected a ship, so more than one rotation per week”.

Brexit is an open track

This is the third line Brittany Ferries has been chartered to Ireland. A long-term reflection, as a consequence of Brexit, was the cutting of goods passing through the United Kingdom between France and Ireland prior to the re-establishment of the border.

Faced with the changes announced in this “Long Bridge” circuit, Jean-Marc Roe explains that “it will be a little compromised or difficult” and that the company had already announced that it would establish a weekly link between Rossouler and Cherberg. So the Le Havre track is currently under study.

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