Brittany Ferris opens a link between Le Havre and Ireland

Brittany Ferris opens a link between Le Havre and Ireland

Finally some good news for Brittany Ferris! Shaken by the Covid crisis, border closures and Brexit, the Roscoev (Finister) -based shipping company announced the opening of a new link. Until November 12, his ship Cotentin Le Havre (Sean-Maritime) in the south-east of Ireland will be connected to Rosler. After a dark start to the year, the company wants to keep pace with the “significant” increase in demand for direct links between France and Ireland.

The leading employer of 2,500 French sailors has been in great distress since the beginning of the health crisis. At the end of October, the French government announced an extraordinary subsidy of 45 45 million and a total debt of 16 16 million. It benefited from a 11 117 million state-guaranteed loan (PGE).

A Cherbourg-Rosslare link has already been opened in 2020

“Brexit has created more difficulties than opportunities on cross-channel lines. As a result, direct France-Ireland links have become more attractive for freight traffic and harmful to lines serving Ireland via Great Britain, ”said Christophe Mathews, Managing Director, Brittany Ferries.

By 2020, a Cherberg-Rosler link was already open. The number of vehicles transported by sea from Ireland has tripled in almost a year. Everything indicates that it can continue.

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