Britney Spears lawyer Sam Ingham likens her mental state to that of a coma patient

Britney Spears lawyer Sam Ingham likens her mental state to that of a coma patient

In court proceedings for Britney Spears’ conservation lawsuit, Britney’s own lawyer, Sam Ingham, compared her mental state to that of a comatose patient.

TMZ reports Mr Ingham said she did not have the mental clarity to sign a legal document, and although she was not physically comatose, she could not be mentally fit to sign legally attached documents.

He explained how lawyers advocate for comatose patients to sign their names, and Britney needs proper treatment.

Currently, Popstar is under the legal protection of her father, Jamie Spears. This means that he has control over her personal and financial life.

However, the Toxic The singer is struggling to remove her father from that orthodoxy.

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Ingham claimed Wednesday during a court hearing over a video conference that Britney no longer wanted to perform despite her father’s insistence on reviving and reviving her career.

The judge of the case wanted to hear this from Britney, but Ingham claimed that her mental state was not good enough to make legal statements.

Father Jamie Spears argued that it was Britney who showed up at the hearings, which was not something Britney’s lawyer agreed with.

“I am the only source of information from public arguments about what my client wants,” he told the court.

Jamie’s lawyer argued that what Mr. Ingham claimed could actually be heard because it was not Britney who broke the news.

“Maybe it’s better that Miss Spears appears, so we all know what she’s thinking,” she asked.

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But if Brigni is to be included as a conservator, this is not something that goes beyond Ingham, who said she was already mentally incompetent.

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“There is a big agenda here for clear goo counseling,” Ingham told the judge. “In my view, it is self-evident that conservatives cannot file verified declarations because they have no legal capacity.”

When Britney tries to remove her father as her sole conservator, she instead wants to hire a third party, the Bessemer Trust Company, to control her finances.

“Britney is strongly opposed to her father remaining the sole custodian of the estate,” a court statement said. “She strongly wants to hire a qualified corporate trustee to serve in this role.”

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