British professor warns of sixth wave of mass extinction | News | News

British professor warns of sixth wave of mass extinction |  News |  News

The sixth wave of extinction awaits the inhabitants of the earth. Paul Erlich, a professor at Stanford University, made the remarks in an interview Daily Mail.

The WWF warns that in the next decade the world will move towards the largest extinction of dinosaurs in days. Millions of plants and animals are on the verge of extinction.

Scientists fear that the sixth wave of extinction will occur before our eyes. This is possible due to excessive deforestation, poaching and fishing.

Paul Erlich argues that large-scale extinction is just one of the many interrelated threats facing civilization, including climate change, global poisoning, and the resumption of nuclear warfare.

“While there is some debate about the causes of the previous five mass extinctions, there is not a word in the scientific community about the cause of the sixth extinction – there are a lot of people, most of whom are very rich, all of which are complicated by gender, racial and economic inequality,” Erlich added.

According to the professor, everything we do in the next 10-50 years will determine the future of mankind.

To date, there have been five mass extinctions on Earth. The last wave was 66 million years ago. Then a giant asteroid destroyed the dinosaurs.

It was announced in December that a “black box” of land would be set up in Australia. The device will record information about the environmental conditions. Information on Earth’s temperature, water, and endangered species will be preserved.

The project was developed by researchers at the University of Tasmania. The device is a 7.5 cm thick steel monolith. The recorder will run on solar energy. Construction of the structure will begin in mid-2022.

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Scientists discovered it in March Earth’s atmosphere will be stable for about a billion years.

However, in their opinion, after a set period of time, the planet will practically be deprived of oxygen due to a sharp increase in sun activity, which will reduce carbon dioxide and interfere with the process of photosynthesis.

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