Britanni ferries plagued by Brexit and health crisis receive 45 45 million in subsidies

Britanni ferries plagued by Brexit and health crisis receive 45 45 million in subsidies

On Friday, October 22, Mattignon announced that Brittany Ferris Company would benefit from an extraordinary state subsidy of 45 45 million and a total debt of 16 16 million in debt write-offs due to Brexit and the health crisis.

“The state has decided to provide assistance to Brittany Ferries in the form of a subsidy of 45 45 million,” Prime Minister Jean Costex’s office said in a statement.

The state estimates the Brexit adjustment reserve, a European fund that will help Brexit’s worst-affected companies take on the responsibility, underscores 10 10 million in debt and ആറ് 6 million in write-offs from adim, euro assistance from the Brittany region.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Meyer announced on September 24 after a deal with the European Commission that the state would provide the shipping company with 60 60 million, but in the form of a very long-term loan.

The Roscoff (Finistère) -based company had to close several lines between France and England, adopting urgent measures by the government to reduce costs, particularly partial unemployment and a state-guaranteed loan of 11 117 million.

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“The future and stability are assured”

“For more than a year, the state has been mobilizing strongly to support Brittany ferries to ensure the stability of this company,” Matignon underlined. “It is essential to strengthen the financial structure of Brittany Ferris,” he added, adding that state support “is based on the efforts of the banks” to finance the company’s financing plan and other options, especially within its “company framework”.

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“This is good news,” Brittany Ferris president Jean-Marc Roe told AFP. “We can say for sure that the future and sustainability of the company today is assured,” he added.

“This grant strengthens the symbolic paradigm of national knowledge,” said Anik Girardin, Minister of the Sea, highlighting the company’s choice of the French flag of the institution in France. The whole of Breton and the Norman coast. “

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