Brit takes a plane and paints Queen Elizabeth, but there is a purpose behind the action

Brit takes a plane and paints Queen Elizabeth, but there is a purpose behind the action
Image: Flight radar 24

A British woman who is passionate about helping the government raise money for the things that matter most to people, used an engine plane last Thursday, October 6. The late Queen Elizabeth II.

Pilot Amal Larlid’s operation in UK skies was a Piper PA-28R-201 model known as the Piper Cherokee, registered G-BYHJ, flying to and from White Waltham Airfield, West London.

The following video shows an animation of the flight:

Amal Larlid says her goal is to ensure that all children are healthy and well-educated, and that all adults have a good life in a sustainable environment.

Thursday’s event, in addition to paying tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth, also sought to collect donations for Hospice UK, the national charity for palliative and end-of-life care.

Amal beside the used plane

The two-hour flight covered 413 km, creating a portrait 105 km high and 63 km wide northwest of London, the report said. Flight radar 24.

Before taking to the skies, Amal says he converted the portrait of the Queen into a format approved by the Foreflight Flight Planning Programme. While this made route planning easier, she still had to be wary of restricted airspace along the way.

The route was manually planned as a backup on charts using pilot waypoints.

A number of practice flights are also included in the planning to gain experience flying the route and required turns. The weather was the main factor that thwarted their first attempt earlier in the week.

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Amal says Thursday’s 30-knot (55 km/h) winds made the tour “sporty” but calls the entire flight “a lot of fun.”

The wind made for tight turns to complete parts of the flight, especially in the crown section which was the most difficult part of the flight. In addition to being “laser-focused on the path,” the pilot says she also had to stay in touch with air traffic control as the flight path took her through areas of restricted airspace.

“As an ambassador for Hospice UK, I wanted to raise money for an organization that does important work and is a symbol of service and selflessness,” says Larlid. After completing the flight, she was 20% of the way to her £5,000 target.

About the queen, Amal wrote on her fundraising page, “Dedicating herself to service for 70 years, she has been an inspiration to many generations.”

At the time of publishing this article, the campaign had raised £2,017. The official donation page is accessible At this link.

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