Brindisi: Established 31 million Irish investment fund | newⓈ

Brindisi: Established 31 million Irish investment fund |  newⓈ

Meeting of the Founding Members “Gojoukou Investment Fund “An Irish Investment Fund.

Board of Directors, President Sabino A. The Assembly, led by Maztrapasqua and Vice Presidents Vito Rutigliano and Pierre Luigi Ruta, handled the approval of three-year resolutions, including the Industrial Plan for 2022/2024. Activities.

In anticipation of the marketing of the production lines of the subsidiaries “Atargatis” and “Setlandlands”, among many other activities, design, manufacture, sale, feed-producing plants of greenhouses and agricultural structures with organic fertilizers, biocosmetics, and over-the-counter (ultra-counter) counter CO2 used in homogenized products, biogas production, biomethane purification, biomedical, food and industrial purposes.

Fund operators and technicians in the industrial area of ​​Brindisi have identified the sheds for the commencement of the first production operations: in view of the significant size and diversity of existing operations in the regulations, they have planned a number of ventures and new settlements locally and in the rest of Puglia in the coming years.

There is no doubt that this region will have an important opportunity to host one of the first green funds born in Europe to invest fully in micro algae. Beyond the undoubted benefits of a pragmatic character, above all, positive results in the area and environment are important when considering the ethical component of the project. President Sabino A. Mastrapasqua was enthusiastic about the project. “Provides a complex industrial project projected for 20 years, the construction of agro-redevelopment plants, the reconstruction of agro-industrial sectors, the revitalization of industrial sectors in a neglected state, in this sense biogas and biomethane plants, and, in this context, the management of plants, including those related to economics,” he said. , Creates environmental and employment benefits, and contributes favorably to the motivated production, storage and transportation of biomass – concludes President Sabino.

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