Bright Watchwright has become a brand ambassador and is good at taking pictures, not afraid of the blur of the Galaxy A53 5G

Bright Watchwright has become a brand ambassador and is good at taking pictures, not afraid of the blur of the Galaxy A53 5G

Brand Ambassador launches with a new commercial film Show off your skills, the first project between Gen Z style and Samsung Bright watchtower Along with an advertisement for the Galaxy A53 5G, this smartphone also served as a representative of the new generation with all the capabilities of that youth.

The first project between Samsung and Bright Watchwright was with the announcement of the Galaxy A53 5G. Served as a representative of the new generation with all the talents as well as the ability of Gen Z from the real statistics of this smartphone, telling through the diverse and fun lifestyles that attract people. In addition to being in front of the camera to act as a brand ambassador, the young brightman is also part of the team behind the scenes. It has been called a commercial film ever since before the shooting, sharing opinions about the development of various scenes. I guarantee the fans will definitely like it, reflecting the brightest personality.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G x Bright Why Bright Wachirawit?

If anyone follows Bright Watchtower, everyone knows that he is a very talented new generation. Having no talent in acting, singing, MC and doing business is all set to go as intended, for example, in the past he used to do travel shows with friends. Invest in carefree Lucas or ASTRO Stuff, a clothing brand that originated with an interest in global sustainability.

Before continuing with recycled plastic bags sold in their own stores, these are compatible with Samsung’s vision of a sustainable future using recycled plastic to make smart parts. Reduce the use of disposable plastics The device is ready to be used for a longer period of time in order to reduce future e-waste. Young Bright is another person who is very interested in photography. The Galaxy A53 is considered to be compatible with the 5G smartphone model.

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Talk here Many people want to see this commercial movie. But before going to see the full set, Samsung has also revealed the video behind the shooting of the commercials to attract the fans. This video series will show the coolness of a young man who is good at various activities like hitting the ball, running an e-gocart, etc. Ready to go through any situation, the Galaxy A53 plays in the water with the extraordinary brilliance of the 5G. Take beautiful and clear selfies.

With advanced waterproof and dustproof IP67 standards you can still do content anywhere. The new 5nm chipset Exynos 1280 offers fast and smooth performance like a flagship smartphone. The 5000 mAh battery is ready for use for 2 days, and supports 25 watts of fast charging, which can be charged in just 30 minutes, and up to 50% of the battery is charged. It can be used continuously no matter how many activities you do. Fans can look forward to following the full movie Samsung Galaxy A53 5G x Bright on the YouTube channel Samsung Thailand on April 1st.

The bright guy invited him to this size, could not the fans buy it? Those interested can follow up at more information

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