“Bridgetton”: Which two characters are the stars …

"Bridgetton": Which two characters are the stars ...

Lady Whistledown has spoken! As fans have now cheered from the second season The Bridgetton ChronicleDedicated to Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sheffield, we now know which heroes will be the center of attention in Season 3. This is a real surprise, especially for those who read the novels: the new episodes of the series will actually focus on the characters. Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington.

Confirmed in an official statement from Netflix, The news was first announced by one of the main interested parties Irish comedian Nicola Coglan (nicknamed “Pen”): “Like Lady Whistledown, I ‘ve kept a big secret for a long time,” she joked on Instagram. , Monday, May 16, 2022. But I can finally tell you that Season 3 tells the story of Cole and Penelope! Knowing that these two heroes are one of the favorites of the series, they immediately welcomed the announcement with a cascade of happy comments and heart-shaped emojis.

However, in the order of the books, we have to find the adventure of Benedict Bridget in this third part: with the exception of Daphne, whose story comes first, and Julia Quinn’s novels are published in alphabetical order. First names of siblings (i.e. from elder Anthony to younger Gregory). So Cole’s story only appears in the fourth book (Romancing Mr. Bridgetton), After his brother Benedict. Because of the popularity of the Colin-Penelope duo, the authors liked to disrupt the sequence a bit. Plus, fans are already calling them … “Pauline”!

Filming is scheduled for the summer of 2022

A few hours after Nicola Coglan’s post, the only Lady Whistle Down (Netflix) wanted to confirm the choice of heroines by writing in one of the legendary posts on the pages of her diary: “It seems appropriate. Mayfair Society is centering on your author’s third son and third year as a wedding columnist.”

According to Netflix’s news site Tudum, Nicola Cougalen herself became aware of the news in 2021, when filming Season 2: “I think you may have seen Penelope faint as a boy for another entire season, and she’s better off leaving,” the actress said. So the 35-year-old actress is sure that fans of the book will also appreciate the turning point of events described in this new situation.

“There is so much love in their relationship,” said Luke Newton, Cole’s commentator. It puts a lot of pressure on us, because a lot of people are eager to see their story, but it also cools my heart.

Sections 3 and 4 have already been confirmed, according to another announcement posted on April 13, 2022. This is no surprise when you know that Season 2 is the most watched English language series on Netflix since the platform was created! Created by Shonda Rhymes and her production company Shondaland all the time, the coming seasons will continue to rely heavily on the novels, while innovating the narrative framework and stirring up the sequence of events in the real story to some extent. The American director would have made it clear From the PopBuzz website Filming for the new episodes will begin in the summer of 2022. One thing is for sure: the Bridgeton family and Lady Whistledown are still far from bowing!

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