Bridgerton: Netflix sues fans – process now over

Bridgerton: Netflix sues fans - process now over

Photo credit: Netflix/Liam Daniel (2), TVS, Netflix, Netflix, Montage: TV SPIELFILM, Netflix, Montage: (4), Getty Images (2), Distribution (2), Concorde Film, IMAGO / Everett Collection , HBO / Sky Germany, Montage: (2), Netflix 2022, Imago/Warner Bros., Montage:, Warner Bros. Pictures, Netflix; Montage TV Spielfilm, Amazon Prime Video, © Frederik Battier/ARD/Sky, FX Networks/AMC Studios, Montage:, Warner Bros./Sky; Montage TV feature film, RTL / Rolf Baumgartner (3), ARD/SF DRS/ORF, Joshua Sammer/Getty Images, Imago Images/Rüdiger Wölk, ProSieben/Willi Weber (2), ARD/Nicole Manthey, RTL/ Pascal Bünning, ZDF /Dirk Bartling, MDR / Rudolf Wernicke, RTL / Stefan Gregorowius, ARD/WDR/Bojan Ritan, NDR/ARD/Nicole Manthey, RTL / Stefan Behrens (2), RTL+, Kabel Eins / Lucie XYZine, NDR/Schrocherrist, NDR IMAGO / Allstar (2), IMAGO / Andre Poling, Getty Images / Montage, Toru Hanai/AP/dpa, RTL/Stefan Gregorowius, Franziska Krug/Getty Images, ZDF/Oliver Feist, RTLZWEI, UFACTUSHOW ZDF /Willy Weber , ZDF / Maor Waisburd, RTL, RTL / Willy Weber, Imago Images/Trees, Imago/ Rüdiger Wock/Montage TVSpielfilm, IMAGO / Panama Pictures, ZDF/Ana Knezevic, RTL / Frank W. Hempel, Ulrich Koch, IMAGO / YAY Images /MontageTVSpielfilm, CBS via Getty Images, Montage:, IMAGO / MediaPunch, IMAGO / Future Image, RTL, Rolf Baumgartner, Montage: TV, Z.MDF/Thomas ago images, RTL / Guido Engels, Warner Bros. Pictures, Columbia Pictures Corporation, IMAGO / Ronald Grant, IMAGO / opokupix, sender, imago, Netflix/Wilson Webb, Alive Sales and Marketing, StudioCanal / Montagestock TVS, Shutterstock TVS, Shutterstock TVS, Shutterstock TVS, Shutterstock TVS, Shutterstock / Thai View

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