Brexit: Two weeks and already a lot of great puzzles

Avec le Brexit, nombre de pêcheurs écossais ont été contraints de suspendre leurs exportations vers l'UE. 

Posted on January 13, 2021 1:28 PM

Two weeks after Brexit came into force, it is clear that some of the border declarations have not been made. But the cracks are not small.

At this point, however, there are no trucks in Kalais or congestion in Dover. Many delays related to the return of customs formalities have led to areas where companies are underestimated or poorly expected, and sometimes unexpected management decisions.

Irish exporters overtake UK

The easiest way to export from the Republic of Ireland to other parts of the European Union is by ferry across the Irish Sea, by truck in the south of England, and then by channel, and by new ferry. This is what 150,000 heavy goods vehicles do every year, carrying 3 million tons of cargo. Brexit and its new customs formalities stop well oiled this way. Many Irish road haulers are looking for a new way by sea to bypass the United Kingdom.

The journey is long (in theory the Irish port of Rosslair takes 24 hours between Europort and Dunkirk, and the journey from Dublin to Dunkirk instead of 13 hours across the United Kingdom). Instead of increasing the number of breaks on the road, the driver can rest on the ferry, and the risks are much lower: the risk of traffic jams or boarding can not wait twice to get off. After all, there are no paperworks.

Shipping companies have already taken advantage of the opportunity, offering new direct links to the continent. The Swedish company Stenolin doubled its journey between Rossler and Cherberg in December, taking advantage of sanctions imposed in December by several European countries due to a variant of the virus. The Danish DFDS launched a new service to Dunkirk, which was full from day one. Overall, Roslayer, Ireland’s second largest freight hub off the country’s southeast coast, has increased its number of weekly connections to and from the continent from 10 to 28.

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Northern Irish supermarkets are in short supply

Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Frozen Meat: New customs formalities to be observed in the Irish Sea for exports from Great Britain to Northern Ireland have led to such delays in recent days, with products no longer visible from the shelves of Northern Irish supermarkets.

These are just a few hundred of the 40,000 articles a large supermarket can provide. Financial Times Adhan Connolly, director of the Northern Ireland Retail Consortium, advocates for the interests of supermarket chains. But Northern Ireland’s supply chain lies ” A few days before the crash The Road Hulage Association, which represents the Road Haliers, issued the warning Monday. In her opinion, supermarkets “ Facing a lot of difficulties “Northern Ireland suspends supply to fill shelves from January 1” Due to uncertainty or delay The withdrawal agreement signed between London and Brussels last year is in line with the new formalities provided for in the Northern Irish Protocol. By adding the effect of pandemic-related restrictions, cargo volumes will not weigh more than 30% to 40% of normal volumes!

In an attempt to strengthen the local resource, Marks and Spencer had to temporarily remove 5% of its limit from the shelf to reduce the shortage. Sainsbury’s has signed a deal with Henderson, a group owned by the area’s Spar franchise. Tesco is working with its distributors to reduce Short delay ിച്ചു Observed In some products “. Supermarket chains, They wrote a letter to the British government , Are also concerned about the problems that may appear at the end of March when health certificates are required for food products derived from animals such as meat, poultry, milk and eggs.

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Meanwhile, as another consequence of the declining volume, some Northern Irish haliers will begin to operate at a loss, bringing empty trucks back from Great Britain. Ferry company Stena Line has canceled several crossings between Wales and the entry point into Dublin’s Northern Ireland.

Scottish fishermen abandon exports to European Union

“They are beautiful, my langoustines, my mussels, my scallops, or my ellipticals are beautiful! », We often hear at continental auctions about seafood caught by Scottish fishermen off the Atlantic coast of Scotland. Many of them were forced to suspend exports to the European Union along with Brexit. DFDS Scotland, the largest airline in the region in Scotland, temporarily intercepted them. Errors in health certificates and other customs declarations must now be presented. The slightest mistake can delay several hours or even a day. Administrative overloads at the border Delivery time has increased from one day to three or four days now. As a result, consumers are reluctant. ” We manufacture new products and our customers expect new products so they no longer buy “, Lamented Santiago Busa, trader SB Fish, talking about a real” tragedy. “

Origin rule, surprise of partnership agreement

Origin rule, unheard of during trade talks, is turning into a new horizon for UK-EU trade relations. This may surprise many. In order for customs duty to enter European soil, goods must be produced mainly across the channel or, more precisely, 55% to 60% British or European components. Options (80%) beyond the conditions imposed by CETA in Canada …

Therefore, foreign inputs exceed 45% of many imported products such as wood, electrical equipment, metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, computers and transport equipment (including vehicles). Vehicle manufacturers have been given a grace period of 6 months for electric and hybrid cars that are not compliant with the bill as the batteries are imported from Asia, which is about half the value of the vehicles. In general, the law of origin should encourage UK companies to relocate to their supply chains.

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