Brexit: Northern Ireland dispute escalates between London and European Union – Politics

Brexit: Northern Ireland dispute escalates between London and European Union - Politics

The dispute between the European Union and Great Britain over the design of Brexit restrictions for Northern Ireland is exacerbated. After a meeting with British Brexit Minister David Frost in London on Wednesday, European Commission Vice President Marosefovich said that the European Union has a lot of patience, but now it has become much, much thinner. He called on the London government to restore the lost faith. If the UK makes more unilateral decisions, the European Union will respond – through retaliatory measures such as the penalty tariff if necessary.

Frost has previously accused the European Union of pursuing an “extreme and pure” approach. He called on Brussels to find “practical solutions” and to “consider all available options to ensure peace, prosperity and stability in Northern Ireland.” In the UK Government’s view, “further discussions are urgently needed to make real progress, especially to avoid disruptions in critical deliveries such as medicines”.

At the heart of the dispute between London and Brussels is the provision of the so-called Northern Ireland Protocol. This is part of a 2019 withdrawal agreement intended to prevent customs officials from inspecting trucks between the Republic of Ireland and British Northern Ireland. Therefore, the protocol stipulates that Northern Ireland will continue to comply with EU product laws and customs regulations despite Brexit. The logical consequence, however, is that the supply of goods from England, Wales or Scotland to Northern Ireland should be examined.

At the G-7 summit, von der Lane and Johnson want to talk about the dispute

British companies have transition periods to adapt to the new customs mal procedures in the ports of Northern Ireland. However, some of them became obsolete by the end of March – without the approval of the British government. The European Commission has launched a series of lawsuits against Great Britain for violating government regulations Northern Ireland Protocol Must be violated.

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The dispute will also play a role in US President Joe Biden’s visit to Europe. Biden plans to meet with Prime Minister Boris Johnson at Cornwall this Thursday. One of the issues should be the situation in Northern Ireland, the US government has declared. The G7 summit will begin on Friday. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is also in attendance. She and Johnson agreed to discuss the dispute on the sidelines of the conference.

Biden had previously expressed concern about the situation in Northern Ireland. Unlike his predecessor, Donald Trump, the Democrats see Brexit as a mistake and want to work with the European Union and Great Britain to find a solution and ensure that the peace process in the former troubled province is no longer burdensome.

The British still do not give EU access to the customs computer system

Even before the meeting between Šefčovič and Frost, the EU Commission had warned of a gradual loss of patience with London. A senior commission official said the agency should examine “all tools and options” to protect the interests of the European Union if the government fails to properly implement an agreement and continue on a confrontational course. In other words: the European Union will take the next steps in the process of violation. ബുധനാഴ്ചefčovič on Wednesday indirectly confirmed this. At the same time, Brussels is preparing a dispute resolution procedure, as stated in the Exit Agreement.

The Commission not only condemned the unilateral extension of the transition period, but also complained that London had failed to meet other obligations. The European Union still has no real access to the British Customs computer system, so it is not possible to track the movement of goods in Northern Ireland. The commission said in a statement that it was “flexible” with some British complaints. For example, selling pharmaceuticals in Northern Ireland would be problematic if the British were not the only ones to have EU approval. The bureaucracy involved in transporting animals should also be reduced – for example, it should be made easier to take guide dogs with you when traveling from the British Isles to Northern Ireland.

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