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Sir John Curtis

Sinn Fin MP Michelle O’Neill calls for a referendum on Irish unity

Speaking after the publication of the Lucid Talk Poll in the Belfast Telegraph, Sir John, a political professor at the University of Strathclyde, indicated that support for the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) was falling to 13%. (UUP) at 16 per cent, at the anchoring level with the traditional Unionist Voice (TUV). In contrast, Sinn Fin nationalists make up 25%, and if the results are repeated in next year’s Northern Ireland Assembly elections, leader Miss O’Neill will be prime minister.

Sir John told “The level of party support is not surprising.

“The reason for Sinn Fin gaining a 25% lead in this vote, which is slightly lower than his position in the last election to the legislature, is that the union vote is broken, especially since the DUP is losing a set of votes against the traditional unionists.

“So you now have about 15% or more of the DUP, UUP and traditional trade unions.

Boris Johnson will soon face Sinn Fനിin’s Michelle O’Neill as Prime Minister (Photo: GETTY)

Sir John Curtis is Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University (Photo: GETTY)

“Thus, the unionist vote is now severely broken, while the nationalist vote is still more focused on Sinn Fin than the SDLP.

“So, as long as this difference in the unionist vote persists, it seems likely that Sinn Fin will be given first place next year, not because it is more popular, but because of this division.”

The current situation is one of the consequences of the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal, Sir John suggested.

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Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Photo: GETTY)

He added: ‘He sold what the DUP needed for Northern Ireland and accepted the idea that there were tests in the Irish Sea, which basically confused the DUP and suffered its consequences.

“Of course, the way the assembly works, the fact that Michelle O’Neill can be prime minister and not deputy prime minister is more symbolic than anything else.

“Given the way the assembly works, nothing will happen if the majority of nationalists and trade unionists are not in favor.”

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Michelle O'Neill Mary Lou MacDonald

Michelle O’Neill and Sinn Fെയിin leader Mary Lou MacDonald (Photo: GETTY)

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson

DUP Chief Sir Jeffrey Donaldson (Photo: GETTY)

In any case, Sir John predicted that the prospect of a nationalist prime minister would be a major headache for Johnson.

Referring to Nicola Sturgeon, he said: ‘Boris Johnson, who wants to leave the UK, can not only face a prime minister in Scotland, but also a prime minister in Northern Ireland. UK.

“So it won’t be easy. “

Sontage Lucid Talk

Sontage de Lucid Talk (Photo: Lucid Talk)

Lucid talk poll with 42% support for United Ireland and 49% support for retention in the UK.

Sir John said: “Every poll still indicates that there are more people living in the UK than in the UK.

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“But it is also true that in the long run national society is growing rapidly and in the long run the position of Northern Ireland is changing in debate.

Northern Ireland Protocol

Northern Ireland Protocol Fact Sheet (Image: Express)

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Irish unity in the near future.

He explained: “The law says that a border vote should be called when it is clear that there is a majority in favor.

If anyone tries to sue the UK government for believing that the provisions of Northern Ireland law have been complied with, it seems they have not done so.

“However, Brexit has clearly given a new lease of life to the problem.”

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