Brexit news: “Michelle Barnier wants to destroy the United Kingdom!” Farage explosions | Politics

Brexit news: "Michelle Barnier wants to destroy the United Kingdom!"  Farage explosions |  Politics

GB News presenter and former Brexit party leader Barnier said he wanted to smash Britain as a “punishment” for voting in favor of Brexit. In a discussion with Arlene Forster, former DUP leader for Northern Ireland Protocol, Farage Sinn Fin said the EU figures were glorified following the 2016 referendum. .

Speaking to GB News, Mr. Farage said: “There really is a great program here.

“Without a goo conspiracy, I think Barnier and others really want to destroy the UK; they see it as an appropriate punishment for daring to vote for Brexit.

“As goods from England, Wales and Scotland become more difficult to transport to Northern Ireland, goods from the Republic of Ireland to Northern Ireland become easier to transport to the entire Irish economy.

“I think it’s a project from the beginning.”

Speaking to a former DUP frontman, Farage added: “But I think the real problem here for us is that Arlene is coming to an opera house in France.

“Why aren’t the French just angry … Macron is not just angry about Brexit … they are angry about the uk cus deal.”

Is coming Former EU President Brexit Negotiator He said there was “no way” for the EU to reconsider the Northern Ireland protocol.

“Protocol is not a problem, it is a solution to the problems created by Brexit,” Barnier told RTE’s prime time.

“There is room to work on practical and practical solutions to address some of the concerns of the British.

“But in my opinion there is no way to accept the reconsideration of this protocol.”

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Barnier said he knew exactly what Prime Minister Boris Johnson had signed.

In his recent book, The Secret Brexit Diary, Barnier said: “With Boris Johnson, he’s not, not against him.

He also expressed concern that the EU was worried that other member states would leave the UK.

“There is always a risk, but we need to understand the reasons,” he said.

“It’s very different from British motives, social anger, public sentiment, popularity. We need to understand, listen and respond.

I think the European Union is starting to respond to some policy changes. Foreign policy, trade policy, industrial policy, and even immigration policy. We need to increase this change because Brexit is unlikely for Farage and others, but it did happen. So you have to be very careful.

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