Brexit News – Live: Latest Updates Arrive in Irish Ports as ‘Incredible Troubles’

Brexit News - Live: Latest Updates Arrive in Irish Ports as 'Incredible Troubles'

Brexit briefing: The end of the transition period

Trucks heading to Ireland from the UK have already arrived under new customs regulations shipped from the UK after leaving the European Union this week.

Ferry operator Stena Line said six trucks were turned over to Dublin because the drivers were not properly qualified.

Eugene Drennan, chairman of the Irish Road Hulage Association, warned of possible delays at the port of Dublin as traffic around Dover and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link was reduced.

“There will definitely be delays,” Drennan said Temperature. “The trouble at Dublin Harbor is unbelievable. “


The head of transport warns that ‘unbelievable troubles’ will arrive at Dublin port

Transport officials say there have been “unbelievable troubles” at the port of Dublin since the UK left the European Union.

The warning comes after several trucks left in the European Union left for Ireland with the new customs rules, which went into effect at 11pm on New Year’s Day.

Ferry operator Stena Line said six trucks had been turned off service from Holyhead to Dublin because their drivers had false credentials.

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