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French President Emmanuel Macron

“The ball is in the British court,” Macron said

Jane Audi offered her optimistic analysis as tensions between the UK and the team continue to rise in several key areas, including the ongoing hostility to Northern Ireland protocol and the heated dispute over EU access to UK fishing waters. The director of the Get Britain Out Campaign Group said that despite the growing tensions between London and Brussels, there are many reasons to be happy.

Citing a lauded plan by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, she pointed out: “The UK’s first free port is now open on Teesside, reducing tax rates and easing city planning rules for businesses and investors in the region. All this is possible only because of Brexit.

Ms Adye also pointed to a recent development that seems to contradict Reynolds’ claims of a massive business exit after the UK’s exit from the European Union.

She explained: “Because of our global focus after Brexit, the Royal Dutch Shell Fuel Company – now known as Shell – decided to close its Dutch headquarters and establish all its operations in the UK. “

Boris Johnson will be supported by the continued strength of the city (Photo: GETTY)

French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo: GETTY)

Regarding the square mile, MS Audi commented that Britain was also in a good position because of the liberation from Brussels.

She said: “As EU-based clearing houses could not respond to demand, the EU was forced to expand the capacity of European businesses to use financial services clearing houses in the City of London. London-based companies.

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Highlighting the horrific situation over which Austria has seen a complete lockdown over the past few days, Miss Audi added: ‘The UK’s economic growth forecast is expected to surpass the eurozone as many countries on the European continent return to the lockdown. Increase in Kovid cases. “

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Lord David Frost, Brexit Minister

Lord David Frost, Brexit Minister (Photo: GETTY)

Finally, referring to the UK’s stated goal of building a new trade relationship after Brexit, Ms Adye said: The Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is still moving at a good pace and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

Speaking on Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron accused Britain of playing into his country’s nerves in the post-Brexit dispute over fisheries rights, saying France was “not yielding”.

After France said it was waiting for the UK to issue another 150 licenses to French vessels to fish in the seas, he reiterated his criticism of Britain in a dispute that has severed ties between the two countries.

The French president told reporters: “We did not get what we wanted. They play with our nerves. We did not give up. “

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson visits Teesport earlier this year (Photo: GETTY)

European fishing mapped

European Fisheries mapped (Image: Express)

As the fishing dispute has become a major source of tension, relations between traditional allies Paris and London have deteriorated since Britain voted to leave the European Union in 2016.

Paris says London should have provided more licensed French boats for fishing in British waters after Britain left the European Union, while Britain says it is sticking to agreed agreements.

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The dispute relates to the issuance of fishing licenses within six to 12 nautical miles of the British coast and offshore off the Channel Islands of Jersey.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Five key moments of Brexit

Five major Brexit moments (Image: Express)

Activists gathered on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic on Saturday, warning the British government against the triggering of Article 16, thus suspending the strict border blocking mechanism on the island of Ireland.

As part of the ongoing talks between the UK and the EU, a group of people gathered in Carrickon to demand that the post-Brexit deal presented for Northern Ireland be maintained and protected.

Damien McGuinness, of the border communities against Brexit, told the crowd that the majority of Northern Irish people were opposed to the UK leaving the EU.

He said: “56% voted to stay, and we voted to stay in the European Union, by a majority of any reckoning.


Protesters express concern over tough border (Picture: PA)

“Most support protocol, DUP does not speak for us. “

Brexit’s chief negotiator, Lord Frost, was described as “shameful” in his approach to Brexit.

He emphasized that the EU had a significant role to play in this.

He said that if Article 16 of the Protocol were to be suspended, the UK would have to “stand in solidarity with Ireland and remain in solidarity with the people living in the region”.

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