Brexit: More voters blame EU than British government for protocol issues

Brexit: More voters blame EU than British government for protocol issues

More voters blame the European Union than the UK government for post-Brexit trade problems in Northern Ireland, a new survey says.

Nearly half of British voters are aware of the difficulties in enforcing the rules of the Northern Ireland Protocol, blaming Brussels for the conflict – while less than a third blame the government of Boris Johnson.

According to the latest survey from Redfield and Wilton Strategies, 45% believe that the European Union is primarily responsible for trade problems in the province, while Britain believes that only 31% are primarily responsible.

The European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom are totally opposed to the implementation of new regulations and procedures on goods shipped to Northern Ireland from other parts of the UK.

The dispute was called off after the European Commission said it would stay the case against the UK last year for alleged breaches of the agreement, in the hope of finding solutions.

Redfield for Politico, Wilton Paul, A major section of British voters are completely unaware of the post-Brexit animosity between Britain and the European Union.

One in four voters – 23% – said they were unaware of any problems with the implementation of the protocol in Northern Ireland.

Of those who followed the argument, 17% said they were “very aware” of protocol issues, 25% said they were “less knowledgeable” and 35% said they were “moderately aware”.

The EU has rejected an “order document” presented by the British government that called for a radical overhaul of the protocol to limit the control of goods.

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Downing Street rejected Brussels’ proposal for a Swiss-style veterinary deal with Brussels to reduce the check, as it was in line with EU standards.

The newly appointed Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Paul Givan, said the EU’s decision to stay the cases provided a “window of opportunity” to resolve post-trade issues. -Brexit.

A senior DUP official said the UK government was recognizing the “political, social and economic damage” caused by the protocol and requested the Irish government in Brussels to clarify that changes were needed.

Last week, Pierce warned that the protocol could lead to continued unrest in future EU-UK relations if both sides do not change their “fundamentally wrong” approaches to resolving the dispute.

A House of Lords committee set up to examine post-Brexit trade deals for the Irish Sea has warned that Northern Ireland could become a ‘permanent victim’ of Brexit if a compromise is not reached. Found immediately.

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