Brexit: Michael Barnier condemns United Kingdom’s volatility in fishing!

Brexit: Michael Barnier condemns United Kingdom's volatility in fishing!

Are the British “filibusters”? Former European Union Brexit negotiator Michelle Barnier fired red bullets at Albion, while the United Kingdom alleges that the compromise does not apply to fisheries and Ireland. “We see that the British are now trying to recapture part of the settlement with us, which is not acceptable,” AFP lamented to Mr Barnier. “They are refusing to license boats that have the right to fish under our agreement,” he added, adding that “there is a political volatility in this attitude.”

“If the licenses are not granted, it will create a very serious bilateral problem between France and the United Kingdom, as well as between the European Union and the United Kingdom,” the nominee for presidential candidate warned. Right. Fishermen from Boulon-sur-Mer, a leading French fishing port and leading European seafood processing center, have been condemning the “encroachment of the Dutch industrial fleet” for months, accusing them of over-exploiting the resources of the English Channel. It is a situation they have been condemning for 10 years but their situation has worsened under Brexit.

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On Thursday evening, Olivier Leprotre, president of the local fisheries committee of the Hauts-de-France, accused the AFP of hijacking 600 traps from a French bulletin board on Monday and promising new measures to ban Dutch access to the port of Bologna. Fishing was the hardest part of the post-Brexit trade agreement negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom, which ended in late December. EU fishermen catch 6 650 million a year in UK waters.

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The compromise reached is a source of tension: European ships will have to give up 25% of their catches in British waters by the end of a transition period lasting until June 2026. The post-Brexit agreement also obliges European fishermen to obtain a license from London to fish in British waters.

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“The fact that we fish less in British waters leads to a redistribution of fishing capacity,” Barnier asked of the tension between the French and Dutch fishermen. “The French authorities must submit this question to Brussels within the framework of common fisheries policy,” he said.

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