“Brexit makes the United Kingdom a truly sovereign nation”

"Brexit makes the United Kingdom a truly sovereign nation"

Tribune. Since the beginning of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European communities in the 1960s, all tensions have revolved around sovereignty. At the time, those who favored the United Kingdom’s entry into the European Economic Community (EEC) and those who regretted leaving the European Union (EU) rejected sovereignty as an obsolete concept in the world of interrelationships. The events of the last four years, perhaps even more, the events of the last few months must have made them think again.

Sovereignty over the fishing issue has the potential to be concrete and understandable. That’s why it quickly became crucial. You may decide to grant or grant certain rights or powers to others. Who makes this decision? Who has the authority to enforce it? Who can change this? It is sovereign, as fundamental as it is today.

Respect the decision of the voters

When the British voted in the 2016 referendum on leaving the European Union, it was not clear whether the UK was still a sovereign country. Its parliament and laws were subject to the legislative and judicial powers of the European Union. Of course, the vote was an act of sovereignty. However, the real question was not constitutional theory, but political will: will the decision of the electorate be effectively respected and implemented?

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If the United Kingdom had yielded to pressure and voted again to change the decision – as in Ireland (2001, 2008) and Greece (in 2015) – it would have ceased to be a reality for an indefinite future, a sovereign nation. Sovereignty that cannot be exercised loses sovereignty. By this criterion, EU member states that have annulled or ignored the popular vote have certainly called into question their sovereignty. A “member state” is nothing more than a sovereign nation. President Macron often speaks of a “sovereign Europe.” He may be right. Thirty years ago, Coen Lennarts, President of the European Court of Justice, wrote“A core of sovereignty cannot be exercised by member states against society”.

“Like a colonial power of XIXe The EU has demanded that the UK remain within its sphere of influence for centuries.

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